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Sun Valley vs Sun Audio 300b
just a FYI......i had two Don Garber Fi integrated 2a3 amps, one with Hashimoto and the other with Magnequest.....the difference in sound was substantial, Magnequest was much better, and more focused. That was the second amp i had with Hashimoto,... 
Ultrasonic cleaning
Actually I use the KLAudio unit, which utilizes only distilled water. The records clean well, sound much better and no harm to the actual lp as no chemicals are involved. Also better for the environment.  
Mastersound 300b Compact-thoughts???
One other thought as I just looked at this thread....Audion Silver Night 300b integrated. I have used their amps in the past and they punch well above others in terms of quality and sound. The EL sterling was my main amp for many years, just recen... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated
Luxman SQ-150n tube amp  
Shindo vs the world
meant to say "now running Dennis........  
Shindo vs the world
I think it really depends on the "whole system" I had the Shindo Apetite since I like integrated amps....was not right for me and had some tube "noise" ...had various sets of tubes and it persisted. I also run a FI-X 2a3, also has some transforme... 
Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo
ok so I have decided I would really like to get a My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge and I have other question. I know it will be a great fit on my Kuzma Ref 313 arm but I am intending to use it on a Luxman PD 151 which has a Jelco arm...any though... 
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
I agree with some of the above comments...the Rega arm is excellent and if you can live with it set up once and forget then this is the way to go. If you want to experience other cartridges without  the hassle of shims then you need to go another... 
Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo
Guess I mean the AT-ART9 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge, not the OC9 series...a bit confusing.  
Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo
Thank you rsf507, I thought these might be a bit too laid back....hence my thinking on the MSL.   Anyone have thoughts on the AT  Art OC9 ??  
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
I am running an Airtight PC-7, formerly a Hana SL. You can't go wrong with any of these tables....I just love the sound and aesthetics of the Kuzma. I use a butcher block below it on some hard rubber insulating balls...solid as a rock. I am usin... 
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
sorry for miss spelling....should be "I owned"  
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
Hi I woned a pretty "modded" Rega P9 with the 2000 arm, now I own the Kuzma Stabi s12 with  Ref. 313 arm (12") is way ahead of the Rega for me. It has been used with a Hana SL and ways excellent and now an Airtight PC-7...and is sublime. ... 
Kuzma Stabi R mat?
I use a Stabi S12 table, and Ref 313 arm....on my table I find the German Pathe mat (rubber&cork) to be excellent. I am running an Airtight PC-7 thru my Modwright Ph 9.0. I sometime prefer for some lp's no mat but somehow in my system this wo... 
What's the best EL84 amp?
Luxman sq-150n