Budget LOMC preamp recommendations needed

I need a good phono preamp to handle LOMC. By cheap I mean $800 or less. I currently have a Dynavector DV20XL2 and use a Phonomena II with it. I'm just not getting along with it (and I've goofed with loading ad nauseum and the Dyna is set up as well as it could be). Upgrading my amplification recently convinced me that the Phonomena II isn't good synergy with the Dyna. I'm sure the P75 will get thrown out but what else have you heard and liked? I'm wanting something very laid back, which is exactly what the Phonomena II isn't.
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Just curious - Why do you believe it's the Phonomena and not the Dyna?
I had the same issues with a Clearaudio Artist V2 and Concept MM before the Dyna and just upgraded my amplification so I know it's not the amplifier (and my digital front end sounds much better at this point)
I think it's the Phonomena based on my listening. I've owned at DV20LX2 and lived with it until my system outgrew it. I was super happy with the P75 (which is also GREAT with a Denon DL103 as well.) The P75 has loading that is super flexible including a special mode for the DV20. I eventually replace it with a phono preamp that cost $4k but it held it's own as long as it could. It's way better than the Hagerman Coronet 2 (in my system), the PS Audio and all the other lower cost units that I tried when building my latest system.

That said, if you don't want a P75, try to find a used ASR Basis Mini. If you can find one around $1K, it's a super bargain because it's awesome.
I really like my Jolida JD9, especially after upgrading the opamps. Plenty of gain for LOMC. You can tube roll to change the sound a bit. Lots of loading options.

The Jolida is amazing for the money, but while "laid back"
means different things to different sets of ears, that is not how I would
describe its sound. Compared to my EAR phono stage I found it to be
VERY energetic and aggressive sounding. In that price range I would look
for a Threshold fet10 or an older full function pre with excellent phono
stage like a Meitner PA6, and if you have to use your current line stage,
use only its phono section. Good luck
I use the Jasmine LP 2 (about $500) in my second system and substituted the output caps for Jantzen Superior Z caps. Fantastic phono-pre for this kind of money. I just got the Ortofon MC 2000 with 0.05 mV output. No problems of any kind with the Jasmine.
Nice to see you posting again, Nandric. Greg7 I would take Nandric's recommendation very seriously.
Ray Samuels Audio F-117 Nighthawk.
One more vote for the Jasmine.
I love the Jasmine as well. Had some problems and took it in and had caps/resistors upgraded and now sounds even better. Plenty of gain plus loading options gor any cart.
Dear Frogman,Thanks for your kind words but it is not the
forum which makes my life difficult but those moderators.
You can observe in the MM thread what their influence is.
I.e. I am not the only 'censored' one.
Please make sure you listen to the Dyna before you jump on the Nighthawk or the Jasmine, as good as they are. In my opinion, it compares favorably with those two, although I haven't had as much time with the Jasmine as I had with the Nighthawk. I really think the difference is subtle but worthwhile. While the other two may equal the Dyna in dynamics and speed, the Dyna wins at my house in timber and soundstage/instrument elbow room.
Greg7, I have paired my Jasmine with a Denon DL-S1. It reproduces wonderfully, colorless and transparent music. I find no desire to try anything else.

This is not my discovery. The combination was recommended by another long-time audiophile (a Dane who designed crossovers.)

I hope you find a solution to your audio quest.