Budget LOMC preamp recommendations needed

I need a good phono preamp to handle LOMC. By cheap I mean $800 or less. I currently have a Dynavector DV20XL2 and use a Phonomena II with it. I'm just not getting along with it (and I've goofed with loading ad nauseum and the Dyna is set up as well as it could be). Upgrading my amplification recently convinced me that the Phonomena II isn't good synergy with the Dyna. I'm sure the P75 will get thrown out but what else have you heard and liked? I'm wanting something very laid back, which is exactly what the Phonomena II isn't.
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I had the same issues with a Clearaudio Artist V2 and Concept MM before the Dyna and just upgraded my amplification so I know it's not the amplifier (and my digital front end sounds much better at this point)