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Looking for a good full range floor stander
I have no dog in this hunt but would like to say something about audiotroy. I called him several months ago about a potential speaker sale. I had never spoken to him before. He spent about 30 minutes talking to me asking about my room, system, lis... 
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
Very interested in this question myself. 
(Jolida) Black Ice Audio Foz SS-X Sound Enhancement
Any further updates on how you're enjoying the SSX? 
What’s on your RtR deck today ?
Led Zeppelin II, 7 3/4 IPS. 
Bookshelf Recommendations
What's the sensitivity on that Madisound kit? 
(Jolida) Black Ice Audio Foz SS-X Sound Enhancement
Thanks 4krow. I know it will work from a technical standpoint, just wondering how good it will sound. Enjoy the music review said it didn’t work as well with the Tavish tube phono stage as it did with a ss phono. Questioning how it will sound with... 
(Jolida) Black Ice Audio Foz SS-X Sound Enhancement
I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum and a Jolida JD9 phono amp. Wonder how this will work inserted between them? 
(Jolida) Black Ice Audio Foz SS-X Sound Enhancement
Talked to Jerred at Black Ice yesterday (great guy) about the SS-X. Very tempted to try this out soon. 
Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp With Burson Audio V6 Op Amps
I'm interested as well. Hopefully someone who has tried this will chime in. 
Legacy Aeris and amplification.
I’m dying to see this setup. Have you posted pictures anywhere?Edit:Just checked your system and saw the new speakers. Awesome, congratulations! 
Legacy Aeris and amplification.
Zephyr, any update on your custom Legacy build? Can't wait to see some pics and hear your impressions.  
Plasma tv buzz/ground loop through phono cable
Phono cable advice.
Wolf, do you have a link for the authentic cables rca to rca with ground? 
Phono cable advice.
Music Hall has a new 1.2 m cable called the Connect for $100. Interested in hearing some reviews soon.  
Cronos Magnum II
I've had my Cronus Magnum for about 7 years and have had no problems. Very unusual to hear something like this as they are built like tanks imo.They stand behind their products. Give them a call.