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How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Legacy Aeris imo. 
Volti Razz Loudspeakers
Would love to hear them. Figures the first year my schedule freed up to go to Axpona and/or RMAF they both get canceled. Trivial problems in the big picture of things tho. 
Top 10 Alt-country bands
Beat Farmers oh yeah! Saw them and their alter egos The Incredible Hayseeds many times back in the day.RIP Country Dick Montana. 
Great country recording
Second the Derailers. Also the Hacienda Brothers put out great sounding stuff. I have an ultra rare live recording of them called Music for Ranch and Town that absolutely smokes! 
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
Sent you a pm.  
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
Csm, similar paths. I just got a set of passive Calibres and also moved up from Vapors(great speakers). I’m amazed by the Calibres and hope to someday step up to the XD. I bet the XDS are incredible. What are you powering the tweeters with? Can yo... 
Do You Care About AESTHETICS? What Are Your Gear/Listening Room Preferences?...
Absolutely agree. At almost any budget one can put together a great sounding system that also looks good. I like the aesthetics of my system but nothing was selected with looks as the top priority.  
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
Planning on bi-amping my Calibres soon. Have a feeling that will be a big boost to an already amazing sound. 
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
I am shocked that you would call them thin. Big, rich and full bodied but still detailed in my experience. 
Another streaming newbie
I need to get started cheaply and upgrade later. How is the basic Schitt Modi for a starter DAC? What is a cheaper but decent quality way to stream into it? 
Another streaming newbie
Thanks. Will an Android  Work with the better streaming services and a dac or does that change the equation? 
Another streaming newbie
I'm in the same boat as far as wanting to get started on a budget but wanting to get decent sound. So does the 2CI have a DAC and the 2I doesnt? 
Oppo 93 problem
No problem. I normally view the forums as a whole and look at all recent posts as opposed to specialized forums. Analog was the wrong choice for this subject.  
Oppo 93 problem
Good point. I'm using the analog outputs of the Oppo into my tube amp. Does that grant me a pass?I will try switching the IC'S and see what that does. Thanks! 
Any Yep Roc Records Fans ?
Yep. Huge Dave Alvin fan. Also Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe, Jim Lauderdale....