Best overall Speakers for $2,500.00 or less, New?

Hi, I am looking to purchase some great loudspeakers for $2,500.00 OR LESS brand new.I am NOT interested in mini-monitors.I want floor-standing, almost full-range speakers.
I want great bass, neutrality top-to-bottom, transparency, great imaging and soundstaging, openness, detail, and an extended and airy top-end.
Some of my friends recommended Paradigm 100 v.3's, Triangle Celius, etc.
In your personal experience and opinion, what full-range loudspeakers in this price range are the overall best in most sonic perimeters?
Audio Physic Virgo is a good candidate in this price range and your criteria...
Source Technologies 8.2 DX, full-range, excellent fit n' finish, glorious sound, so new in the company's product lineup the picture and specs are not yet available on the website. Contact John at for info,
or [email protected]
I purchased these in place of the Von Schweikert Vr2's and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. American made in Conn on top of it all!
just curious...but why would you want to buy new?
I second the OHM Acoustics speakers. They don't come up used very often, but you may be able to get a pair of Walsh 5 MkII speakers for $2500 used.

Vandersteen 2CE Sigs are definitely worth an audition. Good luck! Robert
That's a pretty tall order for a new speaker in the $2500.00 range. Used at that price will open up the flood gates thou.It also depends on what you consider great bass.Some consider thumping heavy port chuffing ..great bass.Or do you want great definition and pitch bass?
Also neutrality isn't that easy to find. Especially in a traditional box speaker..I think it's possibly but it's going to cost you.

A well designed transmission line or sealed enclosure yields the tightest bass in a box speaker IMHO.
A large planar or E-stat can cover most of what your asking for... without the heart pounding bass.

The Paradigm 100 v3s does a decent job but falls short on neutrality and great bass IMHO. I couldn't live with the port chuffing on these speakers.Bottom line I think you can get what you want but you may have to mix and match .Maybe include a sealed sub in the price and also plan to buy used.

I would be telling you a lie... If I recommended a single speaker new at $2500.00 that could do all of what you want.
Personally I haven't heard those speakers yet.

Good Luck with the Hunt!
I second the Vandersteen 2ce Sigs 100%. Those that say they can't find a decent speaker under $2500 new, hasn't heard these.
I don't think it exists. You could spend double that and have a short list of candidates. Used will get you a lot closer to your goal.
If you talk to the folks who make 'em most will readily admit that to engineer to that price point, they must make some compromises. The choice of which compromises to make, and the execution is why there are so many speaker lines and so many different design theories.
By stating that you don't want monitors, sounds like good bass performance is near the top of your list of priorities. If so, I think the floorstanders will give you some tradeoffs in the other areas mentioned. If you find the killer $2500 speaker that does it all, please share!
Listen to your friends. Go with the Paradigm Reference 100's, 80,s, 60's, or the 40's. You can't go wrong with these speakers.
Troutki ...did I say you can't get a decent speaker under $2500.00...I don't think so.I am simply stating to get one performance you will compromise another. That's just the way it is..there is no such thing as a best speaker.I know you love your Vandies but they aren't perfect either.
Spend less than the $7000 you have budgeted on your pre-amp mentioned in your other post and use some of those funds for better speakers.

just my 2c

You can approximate your requirments by purchasing a mangnepan MG 1.6 (new, $1600) or MG 3.3 (used $1200), and using the remaining $900-$1200 to buy a Sunfire Signature subwoofer. The combo would be full range and wwould make beautiful music.
Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa planar hybrids fit nicely in that price range. If you have a dealer near-by, i'd highly recommend an audition.
I agree with many posts here that profess $2500 used opens up many doors vs. $2500 new. I just moved from a monitor speaker to a floor stander for little more than you have budgeted and I'm very happy with the result... full(er) spectrum of sound, nice low end response and smooth mids with detailed highs. Is this my last stop in speakers? No, but for now I'm satisfied. Totem Forest is the speaker, please audition a pair to see if you agree.
"Troutki ...did I say you can't get a decent speaker under $2500.00...I don't think so."

Did I say that the Vandys were perfect...I don't think so?


You might also want to check out GR-Reasearch @

especially if you are a DIYer. If you don't want to put them together then Danny Richie will assemble them for you for a modest price. He is an excellent designer and a nice guy all around. He uses top self products in his designs. I purchased a used pair of his speakers and he was a tremendous help, even though he know he wasn't going to get a current sale. I'm sure his great customer service will get me to be a repeat owner and this time directly from him. Check him out when you have time.

Enjoy the hunt and ultimate purchase,
So what does it take to be a "Perfect" speaker? How about a frequency response of 29-21K + or - 3db or how about 32hz-21khz + or - 1.5db? How about premium crossover components, drivers and internal wiring? How about a minimal baffle, 1st order crossover and phase correct? What about solid engineering and cabinet design? What about being matched to each other + or - 1db or better? No, they're not perfect but they are as good as you'll get up and past this price point. I suggest the Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures. These are one hell of a fine speaker for $1695 new! Just make sure they are set up correctly and sit back and enjoy music that is not thrown at you but presented for your enjoyment.
Virgos are ~$7,000 new. B&W 700 series are about $2,500 and very nice.
Dynaudio Audience 72 or 82.
Thanks for all of your responses.I appreciate all of them, and will consider all of them. Happy listening!
Ellery911, You made me laugh out loud.
Audes Blues. These speakers reprent a great value ($2,100 new), look cool, present a huge soundstage and are very neutral sounding. They are bi-wireable, have a nominal impedence of 4 ohms and can play loud enough to satisfy most rooms. Look up what people are saying here on Audiogon and on You won't be disappointed.
Ellery911, hehe.

If you really want a special speaker at a low price point check the quad esl-63.
Some $$$$ later get some jc-1's fed direct by a cdp and you have a system better than what lots of high end shops demo ime.
The only speakers that I can think of that would satisfy your requirements (without the need of a subwoofer) will require you to troll the used market, but are well within your price range. Thiel CS3.6. I recently picked up a pair that look brand new for well under that. They are indeed very much a full-range speaker (29Hz-20kHz, +/- 1.5 db), and I think do a pretty darn good job of hitting all of your requirements. And Thiel will, in general, continue to honor warranty repairs beyond the 10 year period and for subsequent owners, so long as it was not user abuse.

Snell E.5 are $1,400.00 have a rear firing tweeter to add spaciousness. It's a floorstander with 2) 6 1/2" woofers and a 1" tweeter. 43" tall and 46 lbs each. Side by side, much better than Monitor Audio silver 9's.
Polk Lsi 15's are about $1,500 and more bass with side firing woofers but I think the Snell's are better.
magnepan 1.6 and a subwoofer. It's going to be though to get something as uncolored as a maggies for your price range. And definitely NOT with a floorstander. I would demo the Paradigms and the Magnepans to see which brand you might prefer.
Here is one vote for the Vonschweikert VR-2. Absolutely amazing full range speaker that lists for $2500 but can be had for less. Best speaker I have heard in this price range. Listen if you can, before you buy anything. Good Luck,
For magical midrange and staging, brand new BBC LS3/5A mini-monitors from Stirling Broadcast with "reference" outboard crossover and "reference" cabinets will set you back 2300+ duckaleros. Stands available from Stirling will bring total to 2500. Can't beat w/ stick.
Get the Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures. You've described them to a "T" above. Also, you can get them new for under $2000 and spend the rest on great speaker cables.
Hi-fi Consult - Nordens most and Best High End butik.
Hello look att there Speaker Jupiter! Impressive.
Caindly regard.
I have been into mixing and matching for over 25 years and by far the Jean Marie Reynauds Trente are the most musical
in the truest sence for musical enjoyment .I am a sound engineer and a highly experienced audiophile .Compared to the Spendors,which are similar in a way , Harbeths ,Merlins and Sonus Creamonas these are more musical and warm ,not at the expence of detail ,timing and
speed .Sure there are more resolving speakers out there like the Merlins or detailed like the JM labs be for absolute detail, at what price though.Listen and you will see what I mean,you just enjoy and forget about what is not right or wrong.
Second vote for the Totems. I have the Hawk (msrp $2500) and it's a wonderful all-around speaker. It replaced Naim SBL's and has comparable midbass and speed characteristics (arguably best in class), but has a great soundstage and imaging as well (which the Naim has virtually none of).

I also looked at more expensive models from Spendor, Neat, Naim, Thiel, Dynaudio, and Living Voice before deciding on the Totems. I added a Totem Lightning sub later (msrp 1500) and it adds low-end seamlessly to the Hawks.