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Dynaudio C1 and Pass amp
I have that exact combo in my den. It's great at lower levels but when you turn it up you can some of the dynamic range go away imho. Then again I have tinnitus so what do I know, lol 
How to introduce computer audio to my system?
Great question/answers! I run sonos feeding a wyred4sound dac2 listening to mog. It's okay but honestly not great. Looking to hook up my mini mac using high res files and was suprised to hear mog streams that high a rate. Maybe I won't be hooking ... 
Music Servers & Sonos. XiVA Music M8, W4S ?
Erikminer, you are giving great advice! Glad to have you on the gon!+1 
Amp to drive Dynaudio C-1
I'm listening to them right now with a 30.5 pass amp. It sounds okay, but it's a somewhat lean compared to tubes IMHO. I'd say it has juice to play up to moderate/loud fine. Reno hifi iirc will let you try them out if you pay shipping, no affiliat... 
Cheap DAC w/ volume control for direct amp input?
Thank you gentlemen for sharing your experiences with these dac's. I'm really looking forward to trying out a tube amp w/ some old paradigm bookshelf speakers at work. Currently using a w4s dac w/ a xa-30.5 amp and c1 speakers in the den. It sound... 
Cheap DAC w/ volume control for direct amp input?
Album which you have listened to most?
PAD Venustas vs Audience AU24e
I also have only heard the older au24's on speakers. To be honest I didn't believe in cables making a difference when trying these. Anyway, I had the au24's on the speakers for about a month then tried the venustas. What I heard was a lot more det... 
Good integraded w/ over 3 optical and a USB input?
Oh, I see. Okay, so I need a DAC with multiple inputs feeding into an integrated amp I guess. Thank you for the help! 
Tube amps for Dyn C1 and Sonos/HT?
Thanks a bunch guys! 
Best Amp for 2000$ or lower. New or Used
Forte amps 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
`Cause you were bred for humanity and sold to societyOne day you'll wake up in the Present Day A million generations removed from expectations Of being who you really want to be. Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
L-E-D Z-E-P-L-I-N 
Review: Cable shootout Nordost, Purist, Synergistic, MIT Speaker cable
I agree that Venustas are quite detailed yet not edgy or bright. The TG Audio cables are quite good also. Venustas is pretty much in the sweet spot on the price/performance curve IMO, maybe a bit beyond it.May own Dominus one day, but need to upgr... 
Best overall Speakers for $2,500.00 or less, New?
Ellery911, hehe.If you really want a special speaker at a low price point check the quad esl-63.Some $$$$ later get some jc-1's fed direct by a cdp and you have a system better than what lots of high end shops demo ime.