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Bookshelf Help: Revel v. Merlin v. SFaber v Vienna
I own the Merlin TSM-Mxe's and I would never characterize them as bright. They are magically smooth and coherent. Once properly placed they throw a deep and wide sound stage that's so 3D it's scary. The bass is abundant (within its range and for s... 
Subwoofer for 2 channel high resolution system
I am enjoying a Rel B3 with my modest 2 channel system. The B3 is purely a very low octave "augmentation" in my system. Sorry, I do not know about high pass or balanced inputs. The Rel works so well in its recommended manner that I have no desire ... 
Raysonic 168 vs RA opus 21
I run an Opus direct. I've heard $30k+ digital playback systems and all I can say is... I love my Opus!I'm sorry I have not made a direct comparison with the 168. It does seem to have a large and dedicated following. That alone says something.My o... 
REL Sub T1 or T2 Good Match for Dynaudio Focus 140
Dubin you bet. I listen at mostly low-med level, in a smallish room, which can be treated at will with various bass traps and foam panels. I prefer less treatment for acoustic and aesthetic reasons.I am searching for smooth bass integration. I am ... 
REL Sub T1 or T2 Good Match for Dynaudio Focus 140
I haven't heard the "T" series Rel subs... I tried the R205 and liked it a lot. I'm now trying the B3 and like it even more. These two Rels are the best sounding subs I have ever had in my systems and there have been plenty! 
Totem Forest or Acoustic Zen Adagio
I'm in SC and you're right, it's an Audio wasteland. There are a few enthusiast sprinkled here and there, though I dont know any with Adagio's.Strange too, I have been considering both Mani-2's and Adagio's for my small two channel system. 
A complete overhaul: B&W, AMP sunfire, nad, denon
For HT, let your receiver power the center/surrounds and pass the L/R HT signal through a nice two channel preamp and dedicated two channel amp for your 803Ds. For two channel, run direct from your 3910 (2 channel outs)to your nice preamp! ...voila. 
Holy Moly Blu-Ray Disc Players below $300
I've been in several big box stores over the last few weeks. Looking at 1080p panels for a friend. I have talked with several salesmen, all of whom approached me and were selling me on the "new" High-Def DVD. There was not a single comment about H... 
TADs SS Hibachi Amps
I don't know about these amps? Something seems odd...There's really not much room for a charcoal tray at the bottom and the grate doesn't look like its ceramic coated... I figure your steaks will stick! 
Virtual Dynamics Speaker Cable
In my system (small two channel), they're the best I've owned yet but, my speaker manufacturer recommends that I use small gauge non Bi-wired. My Davids are 10 gauge and biwire. So... I am trying out other cables right now. 
Subwoofers and Merlins
I've just received a pair of TSM-MXe's and a Rel R-205. I extremely pleased with the acoustic match and aesthetically they match well too.I run the Xover at its lowest point (25hz @12dB), the Subs volume is set fairly low, and it is hooked up via ... 
Blu Ray PlayStation 3 upconvert standard def DVD?
Thanks for the links and advice 
Blu Ray PlayStation 3 upconvert standard def DVD?
I know this is a little old but...Is it confirmed that the PS3 upscales Standard-Def DVDs to 720p, 1080i, or maybe even 1080P I am thinking of buying one (for games and such) and I'm wondering if it would make a decent DVD player too.Thanks in adv... 
Please tell me.
What preamp are you using? 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
Alextychkin says, "...it's mostly, money wasted on this type of music."Thats not true. I listen to many genre's and IMO there are no more poor recordings in this particular one than any other. I use the rule of thumb that states, you can not impro...