CYALENE tonearm Overall Mass - Voyd sinergy

I've got a Voyd TT3.Since I haven't got the original Cyalene tonearm I've mounted a Linn Akito tonearm. In the past I exeperienced many renowned tonearm on The linn Lp 12 but always the Linn tonearms Ittok and Akito proved to give the perfect sinergy. Indeed I recall that a friend of mine used to add some extra weight by adding them under a subchassis with some blue tack. In That way he said he could get a good grade of sinergy. Now some questions:
Can someone let me know the Cyalene overall mass ?
In order to get a good match between tonearm and turntable did anyone experience the extra weights solutions ?
Since the cyalene is discontinued what tonearm could be a good a match for the Voyd ?
Also since I haven't got the original set up manual for the VOYD the Voyd ; does exist the original owner manual for that TT ?