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My Line Arrays and Dynaudio monitor - where to go
You seriously need to consider the Pass X250.5 as a minimum, but the X350.5 will do better. A friend had the X250.5 with Contour S3.4's and then later the S5.4's. It was truely magical. Good luck with your journey. L 
sub-$1000 bookshelf speaker/monitor recommendation
Look at the GR Research Neo 2X sealed speakers. You can either purchase a kit or completely built pair for under $1,000. 
Advice on adding a sub to my system
You may also want to check out Rythmik subs too. 
AV123 X-Static
Make sure you do your due diligence on AV123 prior to okaying a purchase. Also, the X-Statics need a lot of breathing room around them to sound their best due to the top end being a dipole design.L 
Subs for
Check out the Rythmik Audio Servo Subs. They are very fast and accurate. You can pick one up direct from them or through Ascend Acoustics. I use it with my Maggies.L 
Divorcing..Splitting the cd collection..
Thefalls1117,It's not simply a moral question of what is right or wrong...it's a legal issue - Copyright Act. If you do physically possess the software copy CD, then you are allowed to make copies for "fair use" for personal use by yourself. The A... 
What piece of music can you play over & over?
Avishai Cohen - Flood. Every time I play it, I hear a pick up another nuance I hadn't heard before.L 
The Bad Plus - where to start?
I agree with the others who have commented about seeing them LIVE. They put on a great show, talk to the audience and can be very hilarious - especially the drummer who had some strange percussion items.My two cd recommendations in order of prefer... 
Any feedback on Rythmik Audio Subwoofers?
As a relatively recent owner of a GR Research/Rythmik Audio 12" sub, my comments would mimick Marty, Terra, and Boubi. I used to own the Europa's and feel this sub would work wonderfully. OBTW, it replaced a Vandy 2W.L 
Woofer motion problem.
This happened to me on a few albums I transfered over to cdR. As someone else stated, you do need a plateamp with a rumble filter. As far as damage goes, I would think this excessive repetitive movement can't be a good thing. Call one of the subwo... 
Recommendations for good jazz radio stations
WPFW - Wash.,DC and Here are two I would like to add to the list:WPFW out of Washington, DC and Jazz FM91 out of Canada.L 
How Well does Bryston work with McIntosh
You should have no issue with this combination. As an owner of a BP-25, I find it to be a pretty neutral preamp. So, unless you have issues with the McIntosh sound signature, you should be very happy.L 
Help with sub upgrade
+1 for the Rythmik sub suggestion. The intergration between the servo driver and plate amp make it a very strong contender at a reasonable price. I own one and it replaced a Vandy sub. 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Kevyn Lettau, Melody Gardot, Eleni Mandell, Robin McKelle, and Kate McGarry to add to what has already been mentioned.L 
What do you put your bookshelves on?
You could also go to Lowe's and pick up a piece of their gray "anti-fatigue" runner material. It is only sold in the store and comes in a roll 36" wide 1/4" thick...so you can buy as little as one foot for around $4.00. Works very effectively and ...