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VPI Super Platter out of square-will it work?
Its true VPI has issue with Super Platter and that explains why it was discontinued. You could try putting it in freezer and adjust the centering, any off-centering is usually caused by thermo coefficient difference between stainless and acrylic.H... 
Franco Serblin RIP
I have owned several of his works of art, still have one pair I recently bought back after I accidentally sold them last year.He redefined speaker exterior design in modern history, he will be missed by many who still treasure his older works.RIP 
DIY turntable plinth material
We have slate, corian, Delrin, and wood. PBN wood plinth looks too raw, but slate or corian will probably look un-proportional since plinth will look much thinner than VPI super platter which is nearly 2" thick.I read an article comparing plinth m... 
DIY turntable plinth material
Planning to use my Finite Elemente Compact for feet, they offer tremendous performance. I also have some BDR jumbo puck and cones I can use as well. 
Don't use this to lube your VPI Classic bearing
so is this Super Lube the same Super Lube I have been using for years for my bike? this product has been around for 30 years, it has worked wonder among all the grease I have used, their oil is superb too. 
Don't use this to lube your VPI Classic bearing
I did check with Mike before about Super Lube, he knew the product and recommended it. Maybe I should check with him again... 
Don't use this to lube your VPI Classic bearing
I am biker so I am familiar with all the grease mentioned above, but one that was not mentioned which I like best is Super Lube. Super Lube used to only make spray, they now have grease as well. It's Teflon based, super slick, and can support heav... 
VPI Service - I'm impressed
Mike has helped me so many times I lost count, but then I have owned many VPI so it wasn't VPI's fault I needed their help from time to time. And it was because of their superb customer service I kept going back to them. 
Best tube preamp ever
I have different tubes in every input, in the buffer (?) stage I only have 6H23. That way, I can have different flavor by simply moving cables to a different input jack.It is very sensitive to tube rolling, best I have heard was pinch waist I borr... 
Best tube preamp ever
you will be very happy with Einstein, I have owned many and compared it to many. 
Which power amplifier match audio research ref 3
Ralph only speaks the truth...When I had Ref3 hooked up to BAT 150SE, I lost bass weight. Problem was impedance matching as Ralph pointed out, Ref3 has a relative high output impedance. I am surprise to read Pass being mentioned here, Pass is know... 
CPI super platter vs. Classic aluminum platter
Own Super Scoutmaster with acrylic platter, upgrade to SSM Ref with super platter and it was a significant upgrade.I also own Classic, it does have a lighter tone than my SSM Ref but then they have different cartridge on them (though from the same... 
How To Route Streaming Music From iPad 2 to DAC?
Or buy an Android based tablet and connect USB directly to it.Another reason I stay away from Apple products, non-standard connector! 
$20k top, full range speakers?
I have experiences with Amati Anniversario and Usher BE-20, they are very different.Both have excellent top end, they are both sweet, extended, and quick. Midrange is where they are most different, Usher is sharper, more define, leading edge attac... 
Downsizing from Ayre MX-R monoblocks
If you like Usher sound, you can consider Mini Dancer 1 or 2 in your new system. I own SF Memento, I like Dancer 1 nearly as much and cost fraction.If you still want SF speakers, stay away from older design which are too warm. Newer one are still ...