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Education: Best place for Audio Engineering?
I'm a grad student in physics at the university of texas. The mechanical engineering department here does some acoustics, but i'm not sure how audio related their research is. are also other opportunities available h... 
JBL lovers
My father had a pair of l220 oracles that could definately rock and sounded rather nice. I'll admit to not having heard any other classic JBLs, but the l220s were a fun pair of speakers. You might enjoy the info here (more direct link to the lansi... 
AC/DC remasters....
Has anyone heard the remastered AC/DC Live double cd? It's one of my favorites of their's, and i'm curious if it's worth buying over again since it's a newer recording to begin with. 
Xindak Cable Question
Brainwater, i see that you use xindak's power cables as well. How do they compare to other power cables you've tried? 
Want to build my own equipment.
You might have a look here and the pass labs forum here to get some good ideas. 
Review: Musical Fidelity CDpre24 vs Cary CD 308 vs Nixon TubeDac+ vs Xindak SCD CD Player
Excellent and informative review. But i do have a question, as i'm currently considering several different upgrade paths. Can you tell me; how do the sa-14 and CDpre24 compare on redbook?Thanks 
Album cd or LP with best bass for new subwoofer
My favourites for bass are:Metallica - and justice for all...especially oneGladiator OST - the battleCrystal Method - VegasDavid Bowie - EarthlingBlue Man Group - any track with the "big drum"Tchaikovsky's 1812 on telarcMadonna - Immaculate Collec... 
Pioneer DV-47ai and jitter
Kana, I too have a dv45a being used as a transport. Can you tell me what mods you've done to it, if you did any personally? BTW, i am pretty happy with it as a transport. It makes a better transport than my cal icon mkII with my dac (monarchy m22c... 
Best Inexpensive DAC
My vote in the used 300-500 price range would be for any of the monarchy m22* dacs. Very nice and big improvement over the internal dacs of my pioneer dv45a using an m22c. 
Austin , TX .
I certainly wouldn't mind getting together. I'm in north austin. 
Best material for isolation purposes
I really like superballs under most of my components. They can be picked up at walmart for ~1.29 for 8 + 1 large ball. I use washers under the balls to stop their rolling. It's so cheap, it doesn't hurt to try ;) 
Best overall Speakers for $2,500.00 or less, New?
Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa planar hybrids fit nicely in that price range. If you have a dealer near-by, i'd highly recommend an audition. 
best interconnect under $100 for my system????
Audioparts' gray MAS cables, $60/m, lean a bit to the dark side, although they are silver. They're avaiable here on audiogon or More balanced than kimber pbj or dh labs bl-1 in my system. 
Best $1k pair of floor standing speakers?
I'm going to have to contradict a few people here, and what is a generally held consensus. My room is comparable in dimensions to Geoh's, except it opens into a dining room at the rear. I have had much better results across the board with my LFT-V... 
Best $1k pair of floor standing speakers?
I'm going to have to vote for eminent technology LFT-VIIIa's. They need a fair amount of power to really get them going, but they're the best speaker i've heard in the ~$1000 speaker category.