Best internet stations for Jazz, esp. Classic/Cool

Interested to find out what A'goN users like for internet Jazz stations. I lean towards Cool/Classic Jazz but like all Jazz.

Thanks for any input you can give me.
I've been listening to TSF Jazz-La Radio 100% Jazz de Paris this morning via iTunes. I like it so far, but I don't have any long term experience with it. BTW, iTunes lists 208 Jazz stations!
wbgo, no one beats there programming.
isn't jazz88 and wbgo the same?
Don't think so, is KSDS, San Diego, commercial free.
WBGO is 88.3FM and often called Jazz88, Newark NJ, Broad Street.
KSDS is and is 88.3FM in San Diego

I guess 'jazz' gets relegated to the low end of the dial across the US. San Mateo California
Also; Atlanta, Ga
been listening to swiss jazz- very nice- KUWL- wyoming & 91jazz from
Toronto .
not jazz but by far best internet station i've found so far is radio paradise from calif- radio just wonderful sounds all day/night- is a good one that I got from another thread here.

All the best,
Jazz Wyoming. Broadcasts at 320 kbps!
Wow, great feedback, and thank you. Now I need to get up enough money to buy one of the Magnum Dynalab internet radio units....unless you have other suggestions?
I'd simply use squeezebox radio to keep it simple cuz most of internet radio broadcasts are luckily 128kbps.

Interesting about Swiss Jazz! What artists have you been listening too?

So far I've mostly been listening to German Jazz (Jazz-Baltica Hamburg festivals involving musicians from all over Europe and US). Also got stock for a while and cant' get out from Nils Petter Molvaer(Netherlands trumpeteer) and his crowd. Also from Holland: Jasper Van't Hoff, Jan Garbarek, Jan Akkerman(Focus band), Finland: Pekka Pohjola(just found out that he died in 2008...) Sucks that none knew, but he'll probably be recognized in couple of decades after his death as one of the greatest musicians and composers -- a true maestro.

All of it can be heard on terrible 96kbps broadcast from
I like JAZZFM out of London.
Comes standard on a squeezebox search.
The interface they offer online in a browser does not sound nearly as good as the SB.
The music selection and programming is excellent. I wish I could get it full-range with no compression.
Indeed, the Magnum Dynalab internet WIFI is a top choice. You'll be very satisfied. The quality of the sound is fantastic. The software is very well designed. The touch screen makes navigation between stations like a breeze.

Try the analogue output or the digital through an external DAC, and tell us what do you think?

I discovered, a number of Soundtrack music stations. They're awsome in the quality of material and produced sound.


awesome stuff
ABC Jazz (Australia)
TSF Jazz (Paris)
DR Jazz (Denmark)
I've been listening to these stations for more than 10 years. Great, consistently interesting music.
Jazz Radio

Does that pretty much cover it?

Sites like this gotta make a music lover, even those who treasure the sound of old vinyl, love the internet! - simply the best so far!
KUVO in Denver

KKJZ in Los Angeles/Long Beach

Pandora lets you create your own personal stations. I have personally created at least 50 jazz stations on Pandora.