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Musical Fidelity Trivista 300
@bradpaton Do you have any other remotes you use in your audio setup?I have a MF A5 Int Amp in a hybrid HT/Music setup and it, too will change inputs - but I traced it down to when I use my cable remote for changing channels.I know this is a bit o... 
Which Integrated with Power,Current, and Bass
I use the MF A5Have gone thru several speakers on my own upgrade path.Running ATC SCM11v2s right now and am enjoying the synergy.Power: yes! (scare the neighbors loud with no strain)Grip & Control: yesClean bass: yesBalanced Highs: yesI've als... 
How to find the good CD recordings?
Regarding the LZ CDs in all their incarnations I don’t think there is a unanimous approval for any of them.Reading all the threads on various forums you get recommendations for all of them.The key is to find posters with preferences and systems li... 
Convergent Audio - New Dealer in NM
Taos, NM.I suppose they picked that to be 'central' to the Rocky Mtn area, and maybe the richer clientele in the Santa Fe/Taos area.I wish them all the best.   
if I buy an ultrasonic cleaner for my records will I be able to hear the difference?
My experience has been that a noisy record will remain a noisy record with an RCM, Ultrasonic, or any combo thereof.I’ve taken problematic samples to my local B&M audio store with an ultrasonic cleaner with detergent bath and air blow dry cycl... 
HT Bypass on preamp
Yup - and I like it that way.  I've spend quite a bit of time doing listening tests and lows on both sounds better.Even using a meter and test tone CD, I get a flatter in room response this way as well.ymmv 
HT Bypass on preamp
My Musical Fidelity A5 Int Amp also has HT Direct that completely bypasses the preamp section and applies the inputs from my AVR preouts directly to the amplification section.There is one benefit to this type of 'true' bypass as opposed to simple ... 
Integrated amp with HT bypass for Focal Electra 1008 Be
Here's a list of integrated amps with HT Bypass - it was last updated Sept 2017 to the bottom for a list of preamps. 
Budget Office System Integrated for $1000 or less
Maybe a used Musical Fidelity A3?With change left over for cables or more music. 
Good Bass Recordings on CD for Subwoofer Testing
Marcus Miller (bass player) has a killer song heavy on bass.Album - RenaissanceSong - Detroit 
Which is Better? Musical Fidelty A5 (used) or new Rogue Sphinx?
That’s what makes this hobby so difficult -everyone's 'end result' experience is different.There isn’t one review of the A5 that describes it as forward or aggressive, nor has it been my experience.The advantage of either as a used buy will be the... 
Which is Better? Musical Fidelty A5 (used) or new Rogue Sphinx?
My 2cents worth.I have the A5 Int, and run B&W CDM1NT bookies.A good pairing; the B&W's respond well to the grip and grunt of the A5.I too like scare the neighbors from time to time - the A5 has the power to keep it clean.Let the B&W h... 
Favorite Internet Radio Stations (KSDS)  traditional jazz w/ special programs like Portrait in Jazz every weekday at noon, blues at night, latin groove on the weekends, live concerts.  #1 jazz station last 3 years in a row. 
Integrated Amps with Phono for $3000 or less (or separate phono and Integrated)
New or used? 
Improving 2- Channel Soundstage
I've found that a center does more harm than good with what is traditionally considered the 'soundstage'.The autocalibration routines in most AVRs are going to set the center volume to be equal to that of the fronts because from an HT-centric pers...