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L590axii and KEF Reference one
Interesting and at the same time perplexing as to Luxman's design decisions around their new set of integrated amps.The "Class A" line up of 550AXii and 590AXii and the "Class A/B" line up of the 505uXii, 507uXii, and 509X.The form factors are the... 
Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh
Adding to the info that the Luxman L-590axii is a hybrid A, A/B, the L-509x is also a hybrid A, A/B with the first 6 watts biased for Class A, then A/B up to its rated output of 120W into 8 ohms. 
MF A5 vs Hegel h190
Not powerful enough?My MF A5 driving my ATC SCM11v2s could send the neighborhood children scurrying home in fear and terror when I cranked some Sabbath. 
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Here's a tidbit I found out from Luxman America regarding the's a hybrid Class A,A/B doing the first 6 watts (8 ohms) as Class A.From an email reply I got from Luxman:[quote] ...the Luxman L-509x is an excellent amplifier. It is consi... 
MF A308 vs newer integrateds
Just anecdotal, but I upgraded last year from a MF A5 integrated to a used Luxman L-509x just over your budget.Current speakers are ATC SCM11v2s and there was a noticeable upgrade to the sonics going from the A5 to the 509x.  
Integrated amp -- Pass Labs vs Luxman vs McIntosh
OP - what do you hear/mean when you say that the Magnum is 'clearly struggling with the speakers and room dimensions'?Going the opposite way with power with your short list seems counter productive. 
Musical Fidelity / B&W bad match?
Gotta disagree with whatever you were reading.MF and B&W match up well.I’ve heard these paired successfully at various audio shows with impressive results.And I had my own B&Ws matched to a MF A5 integrated for many years; great combo. 
TV Mounted above fireplace mantel - neck strain?
Neck strain or eye strain (having to look ’up’ from straight ahead) will be a function of screen center height, viewing distance, and viewing angle(any upward angling of the eye).I don’t have my big screen over the fire place, but I do have it wal... 
Left and right subwoofers with integrated
I'm looking at a picture on-line of the back of the M6Si integrated.It has L and R preouts.Am I missing something? 
SS integrated recommendations - the final piece to my system
I have ATC SCM11v2s also.I've been running them with my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated and it's a really good pairing.  Lots of grip down low, but still very neutral balanced to the top.  Plenty of grunt to go to higher volumes but still maintain ... 
Any love for Musical Fidelity integrateds?
Been very happy with my MF A5 integrated for years; built like a tank, plenty of grunt and power, but neutral presentation top to bottom. 
Integrated advice for B&W 705's
Before upgrading to ATC SCM11v2s, I ran with the B&W CDM1NTs (which are of the same 'family), paired with a used Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp.They paired wonderfully; the A5 had great grip, control, and grunt of power that the B&Ws r... 
Musical Fidelity Trivista 300
@bradpaton Do you have any other remotes you use in your audio setup?I have a MF A5 Int Amp in a hybrid HT/Music setup and it, too will change inputs - but I traced it down to when I use my cable remote for changing channels.I know this is a bit o... 
Which Integrated with Power,Current, and Bass
I use the MF A5Have gone thru several speakers on my own upgrade path.Running ATC SCM11v2s right now and am enjoying the synergy.Power: yes! (scare the neighbors loud with no strain)Grip & Control: yesClean bass: yesBalanced Highs: yesI've als... 
How to find the good CD recordings?
Regarding the LZ CDs in all their incarnations I don’t think there is a unanimous approval for any of them.Reading all the threads on various forums you get recommendations for all of them.The key is to find posters with preferences and systems li...