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Best internet stations for Jazz, esp. Classic/Cool
TSF Paris 89.9 
2nd hand classical Lps in London
Try the Classical Music Exchange in Notting Hill. 
Grado Earbuds
Thanks for the responses. I am going to try the Etymotics.Scott 
Excellent SACD quality "A Love Supreme" Coltrane
I believe APO has a SACD hybrid in the works. Go to the Acoustic Sounds website. 
The CD Player Lie?
I have the Sony. Blu-ray and DVDs are fine, but I can't stand listening to cds on it. My old Arcam cd72 sounds much better. 
CD-R Recs
I use TYs as well. I use the regular discs and not the ink-jet ones. Also, I have been using a cd marker on them for 10 years and have not had it affect a disc. 
Can even a Novice hear differences in Sound Qualit
In my experience, it is not getting a novice to notice a difference as it is getting them to care. My wife notices the difference, but it doesn't matter to her. Friends will notice the difference, but they are not interested in paying for the incr... 
In wall surrounds.
I have the small B&W in-walls and they work great for surrounds. I bought them based on advise from Spearit Sound here in Boston. I am happy, the wife's happy the speakers are in the wall and I am glad I didn't spend more money on surrounds. 
ARCAM DV-137, your opinions......
I have one that I use in a home theater set up with a Arcam AVR280 receiver and B&W speakers. I am very happy with it. I use it for both movies and music and I have no complaints. I listen to both SACDs and CDs and think it sounds great. My on... 
Arcam AVR300 problem
I have a AVR280 so it might be different, but check that your digital input is turned on and to the DVD input on the menu. On the 280 you can switch the input for different devices and I believe say none if desire. My kids screwed mine up with the... 
Classical question
I believe it is Flute Concerto No. 1. 
Where to find obscure classical recordings?
Try the Berkshire Record Outlet. They purchase a lot of out of print and overstock cds from around the world and sell them for great prices. Here's the link: 
Operas... Any fans?
Another good guide is the Metropolitan Opera's Guide to Recorded Opera. Unfortunately, it is out of print, but you may be able to pick up a copy on eBay or The guide only covers operas recorded prior to the early 90s, but covers most of ...