Beatles Vinyl Mono you have one?

I posted a similar thread over at the Hoffman forum. I just purchased a sealed box for $1400. The asking prices are they the roof and keep rising. Do any of you have the mono box ( vinyl). What are your thoughts? I have played B4S and Sgt pepper. Both are the best versions I have ever heard. The new Sgt pepper stereo remix is right up there 
No. I have two ears.
Actually I have monos. Don't listen to them.
I lived through it.
I have original UK Parlophone stereo LP’s, and the mono box. The early stereos are silly---vocals and instruments panned hard left and hard right (sounds like our political environment ;-). The Beatles and George Martin put all their energy into creating the mono mixes, leaving the stereo to an assistant engineer.

By the time of Sgt. Pepper, stereo was being used to enhance the psychedelic nature of the music of that time, and some Beatles aficionados prefer that album in stereo. Sgt. Pepper was recorded on multiple 4-track machines, "bouncing" tracks from one machine to another as additional parts were added. Not a great recording, I much prefer Rubber Soul and Revolver.

The mono boxset cost $300 when I bought it; shoulda bought a couple more ;-) .
I have the stereo version. I love them. Bought when they came out. Rubber Soul is my favorite. I have friends that bought the mono, saying they were totally more true to the original... they do not listen to them.
Bought it when it came out, listened all the way through. Since bought the UK stereo blue box. Have not listened to most (yet) of those. However did compare The White Album from the blue box to the MFSL version which I then sold to help fund the blue box.
Yep @slaw, the MoFi Beatles LP’s are not so hot. I sold all mine too, which more than paid for the mono boxset. The MoFi Beatles were done in the early days of the company, mixed and mastered by a now-deceased engineer who was a bass player and had a propensity for boosting low frequencies all out of proportion. But imo The Beatles recordings are not all that good anyway, and can be made to sound only so good. The music shines through in spite of that.

The MoFi production chain has been vastly improved since that time (thanks to Tim de Paravicini), and the guys now doing their mixing and mastering (Ryan K. Smith in particular) are really, really good. Their current catalog is mighty fine.
I have the stereo box on vinyl and CD love them both also mono CD box as well as the first 2 Lp’s in mono which are  much better than the stereo versions. Pepper I have both versions and can go with either, I also have mono and stereo of the white and think the stereo is far superior.
I am loving the mono vinyl box. I like the vinyl version more than the mono CD box that I also own. However, the MONO CD box is really, really good. For stereo I have both the older Blue Box and the 16/44 2009 USB stick. I really see no need, outside of the deluxe remix editions, for the 2009 Stereo versions on vinyl. 
@aberyclark:  The 2009 stereo LP's are made from digital copies of the master tapes. NO one needs them!
Don’t let the digital sourcing of the 09 Beatles vinyl keep you away it sounds fantastic. If MF hadn’t raised the topic I’m sure it would be a mute point but hey that’s how he makes a living. I’m sure the more recent anniversary issues have a different and probably better sound but enough is enough.
We as consumers have every right to know if an LP is all analog (AAA) or not. People in the industry should keep us informed, and we should try and keep each other informed. After that, let it be our own choice as to what we want to listen to. I have Rubber Soul, and Sergeant Pepper 2014 monos. I really enjoy them. 
The Beatles mono box is a really great listen. I was planning on buying multiples of it, but instead I told all my a'phile friends to buy one. They are all quite happy now. Nonetheless, it was available for a long time, and didn't seem to sell out that quickly.