MFSL Beatles CDs

Have you heard of the "Italian" MFSL Beatles collection on CD? I understand that they may be fraudulent "bootleg" disks. Does anyone know about them?
There were no official Beatles MFSL CDs made...none...not in any country. There are always some for sale on Ebay and elsewhere claiming to be Japanese imports, Italian imports, whatever. They're all CDs that were made from the MFSL LPs (or who knows?? maybe just bootleg copies of the regular EMI CDs with MFSL packaging??). I think most were professionally copied, so when they say "not CDRs", they're being honest, but they weren't made by MFSL...they're all bootlegs, and very expensive ones at that. I'm pretty sure the same is true for all of those Beatles MONO CDs for sale. The mono CDs of Help, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, White Album, etc...anything after the first four...they're probably nothing more than bootleg CD copies of the mono LPs.
I've heard stuff, maybe incorrect info. I guess they are a type of bootleg. At least, they are not officially MFSL CD releases. I heard they were from Japan and that someone supposedly got access to the MFSL masters they had used to create all the Beatles LPs. All the comments I've read say that the overall design is very professional and that they are the best sounding Beatles remasters available. They are on aluminum, not gold.
the readily available yellow submarine soundtrack and 1 were both remastered from the original tapes.

no new yet of a full scale remastering, but all imports are not legit
I bought an "Italian MFSL" Beatles CD from someone one Ebay and returned it. It was a CD-R and I could not tell one bit of difference from the regular CD I already owned. Don't bother.
I have this set japaneese)and it's as good as the Beatles are ever going to sound. As with all MFSL recordings, some is great and some is not so great. Theres more info at this site for those interested.┬žion=1
It is also my understanding that there are no "real" MFSL Beatles CDs. However, I have bought several of the Japanese "MFSL" Beatles CDs, and I have several real MFSL Beatles LPs. They are so different sounding, there's no way the CDs were copied off the LPs.

The CDs put the vocals up front and center. You hear harmonies, tone and inflection you'll never hear on the LPs, or on any other Beatles CDs for that matter. The "MFSL" CDs are so different sounding, that it's almost like they are alternate takes on the same songs. These CDs truly make the Beatles a vocal group ... and dang, these boys could sing!

Myself, I really enjoy the "MFSL" Beatles CDs ... even more than the MFSL Beatles LPs ... and I'm an analog guy! However they were made, and who ever made them, I think they're great. I have original domestic Beatles LPs from their release dates; I have MFSL Beatles LPs; I have domestic Beatles CDs; I have Japanese Beatles LPs, and these "MFSL" CDs. Of all of these, I enjoy the "MFSL" Beatles CDs the most.

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