Audiophile Club In South East Florida.

Hi, just wanted to know if there is an Audiophile club in South East Florida?, If not I would be interested in possibly starting one and meeting other Audiophiles interested in meeting, listening and discussing audio and there audio systems. However it does not matter the value of anyones system, It is just a way of having fun and meeting people in our hobby thank you.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to ask some of the local stores if they know of any. Audio Center, Hollywood Sound and Wellington Audio would be the ones I would try first.
Alright guys, let's give it a few more days, and see who else pops up here. This seems like this will be fun.
I'm in Lighthouse Point and would be willing to travel a significant distance to meet others in the area. Very interested. Jim
Ok, sorry about the delay getting back, Ive been just too busy. Now let me find a place for everyone to meet! that would probably be the easiest? first time out!. There are a couple of dealers that might let us do this to promote business. I will reach out and get back to everyone as I get this planned thanks Guys.
Rediculus, you might want to contact Larry at Hollywood Sound. Relatively equidistant from Miami and Pompano Beach areas but a stretch for those in the Palm Beaches. Like I said, though, I'm willing to drive pretty far.
Count me in. (Fort Lauderdale)  Scott has been work the last year to start an Group on Meetup called the  "Greater Boca Raton Audiophile and HiFi Meetup"  They usually meet in Fort Lauderdale Area.  Audio Elegance also helps sponsor, but the group is vendor neutral and they stay out the sales pitch for the events.  You could join in or do your own thing either way.  We just want to hear some great systems!!!  We have about 6 Good Retailers in the area, be great to have more support on high-end listening sessions.

Hi guys, I know its been a while since I started working on getting a place to meet and greet, regarding the audiophile club. There was a dealer I reached out to and he did not respond back at all period!, so I kind of dropped the ball at that point.

 I have met a great dealer named John who is the owner of Audio Salon. I consider John a friend and have purchased gear from him recently. I reached out to him to discuss having our first meeting at his store and he agreed!!.

 Here are the details of the first meeting. It will be April 20th at 7pm, at Audio Salon located at the Biltmore Hotel, Suite 470 1200 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables, Fl 33134  phone 305-322-8911

 I hope everyone involved with this thread will come?. Please respond back on this thread if you are attending so I have a general head count please, I will be working out the details with John and welcome all to our first meeting. I am looking forward to meeting all of you.  I think this will be fun and a great way to meet other people in our hobby ( fetish lol ) I would like to thank John at Audio Salon for welcoming us to his store. Thank You Michael ( Rediculus ).

I wish there was a way for us Wellington/Royal Palm Bch guys to hook up, seems like there's a handful based just on this thread!
Hi chazro,

 There is! that is why I'm putting this out there for everyone on this thread  to meet on the 20th at Audio salon, hopefully this works out?. 
While I hope you guys have fun at the Coral Gables meet, I won't be able to make it.  Coral gables is a solid 2 1/2 hour ride from me.  The reason I mention the Wellington/Royal Palm Beach idea is 'cause that's a 5-10 minute ride!
Well from Boynton beach its 63 miles, to Coral Gables, I understand you not wanting to drive, but if this is even going to get a first meeting everyone who might be interested will have to drive there. Next meeting would be in Boynton and hopefully each member would host onc a month at there house, so it would move around. Based on the lack of interest here this last week I probably have to cancel the whole idea. We will see in the next few days hat happens.

Hello, That's all folks, the greet and meet at Audio Salon 4/20/16 is cancelled due to a lack of interest. I tried but it just didn't work out, trying to start an audio club. I wish everyone the best thank you.


I'm opening up a new location at 3800 S. Ocean Dr. on the Intercoastal in Hollywood right now.   One large showroom  for new  and another one for used high end.   It should be another sixty days or so until I'm settled in after the move.  Maybe we can try something then.   
Deja Vu Audio South in the Miami Design District is the go-to place for high-end audio in Miami. They carry - Audio Note, Synthesis, Harbeth, Conrad Johnson, Grado, Koetsu, Grado and much more. They also specialize in vintage audio and have some very cool Western Electric systems set up and ready to perform. They have four separate audition rooms and the shop is very relaxed and unrushed.  

A visit to Deja Vu Audio South is truly memorable.
Anyone interested or know anyone interested in a vintage Fisher Executive 974 console circa 1968.  The unit is located in Miami Beach.  This is a piece of high fidelity history and needs a new hope.
For anyone on the fringe of South Florida to the north there is SCAS which means Space Coast Audio Society. We have had monthly meetings in members homes for the past 10 years or so. We are primarily central Florida, but have members a far south as Vero Beach. Just an FYI.
I live in the palm beach gardens area and would be willing to attend a meeting to discuss all things audio. My name is Bruce. 
Wellington here. It’s very hard to gain traction starting a new club. But I am interested if something gets going.
I’m in Lake Worth. Anyone interested in getting together contact me so we meet.
 I’m interested in all kinds of music.
Heading off to Kravis for Hamilton tonight.
Hi all,

I'll be moving to Boca next year and i'm trying to find an audio club within a 45-minute drive.  it looks like the club discussed at the beginning of this thread is no longer around.  Please reach out to me if you know of a club or are interested in getting together