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Which 6c33c-b tubes for BAT REX monoblocks ?
Interesting.  Thanks for the input.     
Tube rolling question
Got it.  Thanks for your help. 
BAT amp users - any fuse recommendations?
I use Synergistic Research Black fuses in my Rex Monoblocks, Rex preamp and I love them.  I think they are worth the relatively modest investment. 
When is it time to consider adding a SUT?
gtaphile, FWIW, I'm using an ARC Ref 2SE with a Lyra Skala cartridge (0.5mv) and while there is enough gain using the high gain setting, I am much happier since I've added an Ortofon Verto SUT.   With the SUT, the dynamics, detail and headroom are... 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
I live in Wellington and I am interested in meeting. 
My "ah-ha" moment with NOS tubes...
FWIW, I just replaced the orange label Amperex 7308s that I was using in my BAT Phono with current production Genalex 6922s from Jim McShane and I am very pleased. 
Experience w/ 40-75 watt amps on Dunlavy IVs
I used a BAT VK-60 and BAT VK-5i with my Dunlavy SC-IVs and the sound was fabulous! The room was 14' X 22' and I never felt that I needed more power. Hope this helps. 
BAT VK-P10SE Owners -- What NOS tubes?
Thanks for the response. I will try the 6h8cs. However, I thought that you only had to bias the 6922s. Do you have to rebias when you replace the 6sn7s as well? 
Do BAT preamps run HOT?
They run extremely hot. From my experience, this is normal. I have a VK-51SE and originally placed it on the bottom shelf of my rack. After a few days, the left channel was not playing. After I checked that all the tubes were working, I placed it ...