attn vandersteen dealers upgrade my 1ci to 3(latest)


Having purchased a set of 1ci's about a year ago (purchased from an authorized dealer). I'm really intrigued with the Vandersteen sound.

I'd like to trade up to a set of of 3(latest version). The Canadian dealer dropped vandersteen b/c of the dollar.

Please let me know your contact info if you can do something reasonable.

The best Vandersteen dealer there is   AudioConnection in New Jersey.  (USA)   Speak to John Rutan.  He'll send your speakers anywhere and give you HUGE advice.  Give him a'll love your experience.
+1  John Rutan is fantastic to deal with.

Unsolicited advice:  I absolutely love my 3A Sigs, but having heard Quattros at John's store recently, perhaps I should have stretched to at least the Treos, if not the Quattros.  We can debate how much of a speaker's character is determined by the tweeter, but I felt that the Quattros (with their Carbon tweeter) had more "air" than my 3As, and the bass a bit tighter.
Not that Johnny ain’t the man but IF you live on the Left Coast, saw in BC you might drop down to Advanced Audio in Tacoma.... they have everything up thru Quattro CT , ARC and Ayre and Bardo table in an excellent room.

i owned 3a Sig for many many years, then 5a now 7 mk 2 and can assure you it gets better and better

I concur with Johnny R.  He is truly one of the good guys in audio and he probably knows as much about Vandersteen as the man himself. 
It would be helpful on such threads if the OP would indicate their general location so A'Goners can respond more helpfully.
Another sincere  enthusiastic  thumbs up for Johnny R.
He is the real deal.

Johnny is helping another Agon member- In Russia, of all places. 
Toronto is a hop, skip and a jump.
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@yogiboy   How does the link to that shop help the OP who is looking for a Vandersteen connection?
Don is in Cleveburg so you could hit the Rock n Roll Museum, see where the river caught on fire ( twice ).....

+1 on Advanced Audio in Tacoma and if near LA, Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, CA is superb too.