Any Mark Knopfler Fans Out There?

The new album "Privateering" is out and excellent! Knopfler has been a favorite of mine since the Dire Straits days, and his voice seems to get more character as the years pass by. As always, the guitar work is impeccable, as is the recording quality. A double CD makes it a steal!
I am a huge Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits fan. I saw him in concert at Red Rocks a couple of summers ago and he was GREAT! I am sorry, but my take on the new "Privateering" is the exact opposite.

This album seems rushed, he seems like he really isn't having a very good time playing and is just bored.

This LP almost has the feel of "I need to do one more album for the label because I'm still under contract".

His playing is okay, but his songwriting is not up to his normal level.

I've listened to this double CD three times through, thinking, (actually hoping) I missed something. Now I really have no interest in hearing it, probably ever again.

Again, sorry, but this one FOR ME, is a real stinker.
I gotta go thumbs down of this one as well. I get the feeling that MK was pushed to make a 2 disc release and just didn't have the depth to do so. There are a few good tracks and had he picked the best of the two discs and released a single disc. The disappointment would probably not be the same or possibly not exist as disappointment at all. I invested in the 3 disc set that has a 3rd disc with 5 songs that were "extras". As Mofimadness indicated, I too may find it very rare if anytime grab this selection to play again. Not when I have to reach over Shangrila, Philadelphia or a classic like Communique. But for some it may become a favorite. I hope for MK's sake it does and that is just a handfull like me, that find that the listening results in disappointment.
I'm really enjoying 'privateering' after a couple listens. At 1st it didn't do much. Nice system Bama- I used to have a X250 paired w/ML SL3's years ago.
Agree I have all his albums including projects with other artist, this one can't be compare with the work we are adjust to!
Maybe is our high expectations about someone so talented.
but i hope that will grew up on me.
I have been a fan for years. But honestly, his last few releases have been snoozers. Any reason to think this isn't more of the same?

hey guys don't give up so early!!!
This isn't mk as the lead of Dire Straits!
The music is supple and impeccable and it varies in textures and cultures [gallic,blues,country rock,celtic etc..]

Not enough quality there for a double lp [maybe extended single lp might have been better] yet this does extend the direction that his solo efforts have been geared towards.

Spin it again

I am definitely a fan of Dire Straits. I like Shangri-La alot, but most often reach for DS: Love over Gold. I love LOG, sounds great on vinyl. It's refreshing to have bands like this who cared about sound quality. I will have to check out Making Movies again, I haven't listed to that one in a while.
I have nearly everything he's done, including Dire Straits, and Solo work, and projects like the one with Chet Atkins, and Knotting Hillbillys.

I'm only on the second listen of Privateering but like it a lot.
I'm a huge fan of MK as a guitar player in general, and as a songwriter in Dire Straits, but have never warmed up to him as a solo artist. I'm sad to say I find his music boring compared to his work with DS.

His guitar work on DS albums is just "sick" to put it crudely. What he does on "Sultans of Swing" on "Alchemy," a double live album, is simply inhuman. Every time I listen to it, I shake my head in disbelief when the song ends. I must've listened to it hundreds of times over the years...:)
BIG TIME MK fan here. IMHO, Mark is one of the top guitar players alive today. All of his work is superb.