Amp Recommendations for AZ Crescendo

I have a pair of Crescendos on their way to me and am seeking recommendations for a synergistic tube amp, especially for a larger room (18x30). I have a Modwright KWA 150SE, so am set with SS. Thanks.
In atleast 2 audio shows I know of; the creator/designer of AZ speakers matched them with Triode Corp tube amps and they sounds fantastic.

So I guess you cannot go wrong with that.
Congrats on the Crescendos. They are superb - about the very best I've heard. I suggest you contact Steve at Sounds of Silence, he's a dealer for AZ. I've heard the Crescendos several times at SOS with a few different amps. I'm sure Steve can point you in the right direction.
Why not see what you think about the amp you have first.
What preamp would be in front of the tube amp?
Congrats on the Crescendos. I've heard them at my local AZ dealer, here in NH and they are superb, but will need about 700 hours to sound their best. I've heard these with Atma-Sphere and Kondo amplification and both were excellent. Contact Steve Klein at Sounds of Silence for his experience pairing with tube amps.
Great speaker but they do require the right tube amp to sound their best; IMHO your Modwright will not be the best choice.
I too was at SOS last week, wonderful set-up, you should definetly contact them, you can not go wrong with their suggestions.
I agree with Fjn04 you should listen with your amp before making any changes. How and what you listen to will determine the best amp for you.

I too heard the Crescendos @SOS. Steve was using Atma-Sphere MA-60 with an Audioformer and I felt with some materials, it could use a bit more control.

For a perspective, my system is very different with SS amps. Main reason for my visit is to checkout Atma-Sphere amps. Haven't heard them for a long long time and investigating a tube amp for my system.
It's funny how we each hear different things, from my perspective Knghifi it had a bit too much control, I would have liked slightly less warmth. I like more bloom than tightness.
Rsf507, It's funny how we all hear different things. LOL! There's no right or wrong but just personal preferences.

For me, more control is not just tighter but sharper and better imaging. I do prefer more bloom, less warmth, more transparency and in general, a more vivid and dynamic sound.

I was there to listen the Atma_Sphere and not particular Crescendos.
All, thank you for the responses so far. I finally received the Crescendos and set them up this morning. I am breaking them in with my Modwright, but may try my 2.5 watt 2a3 at some point just to see what happens. Anyway, I will pursue a well suited tube amp to mate with them. Has anyone heard the Crescendos with an ARC Reference 75? I suspect this could be a good match.

Also, is everyone using the factory supplied spikes or aftermarket?
Do you generally like SS amps and specifically your Mod Wright amp ? If so
you may be happy with the current amp. I've heard this speaker during
three long listening occasions with the Triode Corp.845 PSET amplifier and
thought it was simply beautifully natural in its presentation. We may have
different taste however. Good Luck.
Charles, I definitely want to go tubes. Preferably a SET with excellent bass control. Thanks.
Hi Ejay,
Congratulations , you own an excellent pair of speakers and I just heard them again at CES a few days ago. The 2A3 is probably a bit too low powered for anything above modest listening levels ( The tonality may be wonderful however). The ARC REF 75 may work well, based on my familiarity I'd strongly and passionately urge you to try a good quality 845 SET amplifier. Your Crescendos with expose the innate character of the amplifier used.

Congrats on your new Crescendos; they are phenomenal and I love mine...
Ejaynycrrcom I was at soundsofsilence this weekend and he showed me what a big change it was to change out the jumpers that come with the speakers to some Purist Audio jumpers. (this of course if you do not use bi-wire cables). Top end opens up, more transparent.
Sunday the 19th Sounds Of Silence is having another listening session with the Crescendos, anyone is welcome to come for a listen especially those in the NY/NJ area. Good times to be heard!!!!

(Dealer disclaimer)
I am using SS McIntosh MC601 mono's with my Crescendo's. I think they sound great. When I listened to the Crescendo's at Acoustic Zen in San Diego, Robert Lee had them hooked up with a pair of SS Red Dragon monos. He had them set up in a very large demo room at his facility. I know he often uses tube amps for shows. One of these days I may try a tube amp just to check it out but it will most likely be a McIntosh MC275 to match with all my other McIntosh gear.

I am using AZ Absolute Copper interconnects and AZ Hologram II speaker cables and find the synergy sounds great.
Your system was sounding great the last time I was over. Will come over on Sunday to listen to the fully broken in Crescendo.
I'm planning on being there! Can't wait.
All, thanks again for the advice. I think I may be able to obtain a pretty good deal on a used Wyetech Labs 211A. It's and 18 watt SET. Any thoughts on whether this would be compatible with the Crescendos?
The Wyetech Topaz 211 SET amplifier has earned quite a high reputation over the years. I've never heard it but I think it's definitely worth a listen. This match has the potential to be excellent.
I heard the Purity Audio 300B amp and Statement Preamp on the Crescendo and it was a fantastic setup! Big, warm, full and rich but still had nuance, terrific!
No surprise with the Purity Audio components, Bill Baker knows what he's doing.
Wow another wonderful experience listening to the Crescendos. Steve the owner of Sounds Of Silence also explained what a gentleman Mr. Robert Lee is and how Mr. Lee make a bad situation right. This isn’t the place to go into details but if you call Steve he will gladly share. (It has nothing to do with AZ products).
I have the Crescendos too. I had them with Ayon Triton before. Now I am used a Luxman 550 AX 20 watts class A since I have an space 18x12 I have to listen low volumes but still what a great experience. Love this speakers best I ever listen too.
Regards to you all.
The Crescendo's are very efficient; I'm using a Vac 160i Integrated tube amp rated at 85 watts...

both Modwright and Jeff Rowland are sonic matches for your speakers. What other gear, including cables/cords are in your system ? Happy Listening!
Anyone tried Crescendos with Nelson Pass's First Watt Amp?
I am considering mating them with either J2 or F6 amp instead of SET tube amps mentioned in the previous post.  
Your opinion is highly appreciated!!!