AZ Adagio vs Crescendo?

So do they have the same house sound? How far apart are these 2 speakers? I've heard the Crescendos and was amazed at everything they do, can't afford them so looking at the Adagios.
One of the most important differences is the bass, if you like plenty of bass, you should think of Adagios plus subwoofer. I think it boils down to the music you listen to, for me it's classic rock and jazz, and with the Adagios everything was great, but needed a wee bit more bass. Hope this helps.
Musicgeorge11 so for $14,000 you are just getting better bass, is that what you
are trying to say? Adagios retail at $4200 whereas the Crescendos retail at
I listen to all types of music and want bass only if it's in the recording, nothing
more nothing less.
I'm just stating one of the most palpable differences, I heard both of them side by side, and the bass and wholeness of the bigger Crescendos was immediate, on the same recordings, but let other people in maybe they have a different take on this.