straightwire crescendo vs acoustic zen, cardas?

I auditioned some straightwire crescendo in my system this weekend. Very nice revealing cable

has anyone heard it against the acoustic zen cables?

I have cardas gold cross between pre and power and it is very revealing and neutral tonally. I want a balanced tonally accurate cable that isn't bright but is still revealing. this will be single ended between my dac and preamp (I am currently using HT Prosilway II, nice (balanced and neutral), but there is more revealing out there)



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I'm using Crescendo between CDP and my pre-amp and between my pre-amp and amp. These are probably the best interconnect cable you can buy for under $2k. I bought these cables on the suggestion of a good friend. He told me that I wouldn't regret it. I had demoed Kimber 1020 and that is what I intended to buy until he recommended the Crescendo. The only flaw that I have found with these cables is the fact that they don't sound their best until they a FULLY broken in. If the pair you demoed wasn't broken and you still like it, believe me they only get better. As a matter a fact, I think there is a 1M pair up for sale now, here on Audiogon. If you buy a used pair, you don't have to go through the break in.
I have tried both. Zen is a bit sterile and Cardas is bloated in my system. I currently use Pure Note which is superior to both brands IMO. Their site is:

-Martin Logan ReQuests.
-Krell FPB 600.
-Krell KRC/Reference Phono.
-Sony SCD-1.
-Old VPI table, SME3009 arm, and various cartridges.
-All interconnects, Pure Note Epsilon Reference.
-Current speaker cables are Silversmith, soon to be Pure Note Epsilon Reference (perhaps).
Zspradlin - they were broken in
and my dealer in NEw Orleans is the person who patented them through straight wire. Yes, when I returned them the magic was missing just a little bit.

Wanted to hear comments on crescendo versus acoustic zen,
I'll check out Silversmith as well (why have these not been talked about much?)