American made Subwoofer

Does anyone know of a few subwoofers, say between 1 and 3 grand, that is made in America? I'm not looking for some company that re-badges a product made somewhere else. Only an honest to goodness American company making high-quality subwoofers for both two-channel or home theater.
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Vandersteen makes a sub (2WQ) totally in America. Sells for $1450 new and is one of the better music subs available. Using 3-8" downfiring drivers in a sealed enclosure. Just a great sub.
They also make the 2W for home theater duty.
JL Audio Fathem subwoofer line. Designed and made in Florida.
The EMB series subwoofers from James Loudspeakers are manufactured in the U.S. Nice subs for the price James
ACI makes three sub models: the small Force, the midsized Titan and the monster Maestro. All are GREAT performers, and I believe entirely US-made. Good value to boot.
I was set on the James EMB until I found out they are made in China. Apparently their other speakers are made in America, not their subs.
McIntosh is my choice.
VMPS, made in chicago area I think? VMPS makes several subwoofers that are supposed to be very good.
a couple more:

Martin Logan

I was set on the James EMB until I found out they are made in China. Apparently their other speakers are made in America, not their subs.
Well Sedona that made me get out a flash light and check the back of my EMB-1000. No country of origin label there. I read reviews before purchase that said the sub was built in California. After looking over the sub I can imagine the amp sourced from China with final assembly in California. Guess I'll climb into the attic and see if the box is labeled.
Timrhu:The day I posted this thread, I spoke with someone at James and they said a little over a year ago they changed the supplier of their amps .... changing the source to China. A few seconds later after I specifically asked where they were made and he said the entire EMB sub was now made in China. Which doesn't sit well with me. I'd rather buy American, no matter how good the sub is, and the James EMB are very good. IF I'm wrong, or the information was communicated improperly, I would appreciate it if someone would please correct me. Personally, I really liked the James sub, however, I just think with so many other good subs made in America, why buy anything else. (Personal preference) builds subwoofers in WI. Since custom we can match finish build to size or budget.
SVS is made in America and only available online. They are a great value and sound terrific. I have the 16-46 on my AV system
Velodyne subs are made in Morgan Hill, CA.
You can always make your own.
Talon ROC, it's $3500 and made in Utah.
Art of Sound. I use the Tycus.
Tyler Acoustics
Legacy Audio - 2 or 3 different models
Went up in the attic. My box says "Made in USA" but my sub is a couple of years old. Although I don't think of myself as xenophobic, I prefer to buy US made products if possible also. With the exception of my Oppo and Proac speakers, my system is comprised of US made pieces. My experience with these small US companies is phone calls or emails are usually answered by the owner. Kind of nice.
TBI subs are made in USA, I think I remember that the amps are made in Canada.
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The Aerial SW-12 - a very honest product made in Massachusetts.
I think Triad are built in Portland, Oregon
I don't know if you're going to find a 100% American made sub in this day and age. My Selah Audio comes pretty close. Built in NC, using an amp from Texas, but the Peerless woofer is a foreigner.
I wish to thank everyone for their response, seems like a myriad of excellent choices.

I came across this link and thought I'd throw it out there for comments. Especially for those of you that forgot more about this stuff than I know in totality. The ratings in ( ) mean this: the first number is HT, the second number is for music. So for example, a rating for the SVS Ultra is (57 HT - 52 Music) and so on.

Any thoughts?

Thank You
Musicman07: I suspect you are right. At least one part or another of most subs is going to be contracted out. I'd thought I'd give it a try though. I would be interested - and I'll bet others as well - in your thoughts on your Selah Whomp sub.
Two subs made in America are the Zu Mini Method and the larger Zu Method .... (Ogden Ut) anyone have an opinion on either one?
you have got some great rec'd here and dont think you could lose with the aci, zu or vandys. I have not heard many but do enjoy my TBI sub a great deal.

Id be curious as to where REL makes their stuff.
SVS is made here.
Our Subs are designed and handcrafted here in the USA. They do include some forign components, but the enclosures are made in Alabama. Check out the AKO-12 at