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Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Hi CEDARBLUES, I am going to throw one more speaker into the mix-Go to Caintuck Audio Loudspeakers and look at their offerings. They are open baffles and start at $400.00 a pair up to $800.00 for their top of the line alnico double driver speaker.... 
TX-103 break in.
         When I bought My Bent audio mu's directly from John at Bent Audio, He asked if I wanted to have them broken in before he shipped. Of course I said yes as there was no charge just a longer wait. Your mu's just might  be broken in from the ... 
MBL 101 (~1990) - amp suggestions.
I would think that an Atmosphere MA-3 mk. 3.3 would be able to drive that speaker by looking at specs.Just another option,Tish 
Sonist Concerto 4
              There is a detailed review right here in the forum.Just do a search.    That being said, I have owned the concerto 4's for about 4-5 yrs and they are warm/neutral sound with good detail, i am running Decware amps that put out about 5... 
How to Choose Speakers Appropriate for My Amp
Hi, Go to the DECWARE site and look at the Betsy’s single driver speaker, sells for $500. a pair. If that’s too much, check with your local Craigs list, I found a great pair of Clements 107di for 50 bucks on there!Good Luck! Tish 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
When I went to my Mothers funeral the reverend said- I'm going to play a song that was requested by Beatrice when she was still alive.Then he motioned to someone to start the song, I had no idea what song she picked. Then i heard "I Have Friends I... 
What’s the Right Power Amp Ratio For Bi-Amping?
Hi all, Here's something to think about. If you have two identical amps you will have the option to vertically bi-amp as well as horizontally as you guy's are discussing. I don't know the advantages of each way, maybe ALMARG will chime in.Tish 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Gary Moore!! Come on guys, he can squeeze more emotion out of those strings than most! 
Let's compile list of brands that produce Amps AND Loudspeakers.
Speaker Width?
Hi bclark, If you put something on the bottom of your speakers so that you could pull them out for listening and push them back when not, maybe your girlfriend would be OK with that! I installed -Herbie's Lab- "Giant Fat Gliders" on my speakers so... 
One Amp To ‘Rule’ Them All....
Whats a Henway? 
Stainless Steel Audio Step Up
Maybe he's talking about an audio rack made of stainless steel? 
What area or country do you live in ?
Las Vegas NV Been here my whole life. I'm 66 
TAS for sale
Hi, About 8yrs ago I auctioned a full set of the absolute sound mags here and they sold for under a hundred! If you sell them one at a time on epay you will get more for them but with much more work!Maybe your experience will be better, Tish 
What is the best way to tame a slightly bright speaker?
Hi tomcy6, Did you go to the DECWARE site and read about the ZROCK2? I really think this will fix your problem.Good luck, Tish