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What is your favorite tube type?
My favorite=a pair of single ended sv83's series straped to mono on woofers and single ended el34 on tweeters. Both putting out about 5 watts. 
Searching for matching(?) Subwoofer solution
Hi HLEEID, While these guys argue you should go to the TBI website and take a look at their subs, they are the most musical subs that I’ve ever heard. I used a pair with my Sonist Concerto 2’s and the bass sound was very organic sounding, they wil... 
Speakers on short or long wall? 
FAST, LOW RESONANCE subwoofer to go with Dynaudio Confidence 5?
Hi, TBI subwoofers are an excellent choice for clean fast bass. I used to use a pair in stereo with Reference 3A mm De Capo's and they just made my speakers sound like they had deeper and room filling bass!           The subs disappeared and creat... 
Crossover Capacitors for Accuton Tweeters - Solen -> ClarityCap -> Jupiter -> Duelund
Yes but, I don't want to add additional distortions to Jim or Jimmy's guitar just the ones they add. TISH 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
Hi Jay, I read on another post that Mick is on vacation, that was I believe 5 days ago. 
Has anyboidy had any experience with an 833-A single-ended triode amplifier?
This can kill you. 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
My first eyeopener was at the CES show in the early 90's when I heard my first single ended amp. I believe it was a Cary. And now I have an all tube single ended system, and loving it!TISH 
Bendix 6106 burn-in behavior
Hi, I did a search and it looks like they are good to go (the 6106) although I did see a post that claimed you shouldn't use it in a Cabernet.Thanks again, TISH 
Bendix 6106 burn-in behavior
Hi Mark, Does Mick of Supratek endorse the Bendix 6106? I was under the impression that he does not. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?Thanks, Tish 
Tube amp troubles
Have you switched all the tubes from one side to the other, to see if the problem follows the tubes? 
Metal cabinet speakers
 Speaking of concrete speakers, there was a company in Sweden named "RAUNA" that made such a thing!  I heard a pair in the early eighties here in Las Vegas at a used stereo store.TISH  
Your favourite music movie?
"Wild In The Streets" 
Theoretical question about how CD's work
Geoffkait- I have a CD transport the "47 labs shigaraki" the CD sits on top of the player out in the open, do you think this helps with the scattered light problem? Thanks, TISH 
Speaker recommendation for SET tube amp MASTERSOUND
My wife likes the look of my SONIST CONCERTO 4's and they are very easy to drive, in fact I'm using a 5 WATT amp with great success! And their in a room that is a little larger than yours.Good Luck, TISH