Allnic H-3000 hum when mute button engaged.

Hello Goner,
I have just purchased this wonderful phono preamp used. The unit is running perfectly and quietly. There is only one problem, that is when the mute button is engaged, my speakers hum badly on bith sides. Anyone got any idea on what happens. Also, when the button engaged and disengaged, it produce the pop sound. Is it the possibility that the mute button is malfunctioning? Can a simple deoxit fix it?
Also the hum went away when the switch is on the operating mode.
Check grounding of the switch inside the unit.  It sounds like engaging the switch causes the Allnic to lose contact with ground.  It should be a simple fix.
Thanks Lewm.
I am finding the way to get access to the inside. Do you know it from the front or from the bottom of the unit?
I've never been near an h3000
you need a pro

Return it and get your money back! 
Sorry for the brevity of my first response to your question about how to open up the case of the H3000. I was typing on my iPhone. I have no idea of your level of knowledge and experience when it comes to working on audio equipment, so that response was based on an assumption that you are not, in fact, experienced. You’ve got a very expensive, very fine piece of gear there. I would not advise you to service it yourself. If, however, you know what you’re doing, you probably by now have figured out how to open the case. Let’s assume that you do find a problem that is as obvious as a loose, unconnected wire. Would you know how to solder it back into place and what it should connect to? If the answers to those two questions are not yes and yes, it would be worthwhile to find a competent tech.

By the way, in my experience, problems like this rarely are as obvious as as a "loose wire". A bad ground could be caused by a cold solder joint that may look fine by inspection.

I don’t agree with Yogiboy, by the way.
@yogiboy The unit operates perfectly, and the music sounds awesome. I really don’t want to return it. And I think the mute button is sn easy fix. I am contacting the seller to see what he will say.
@lewm I know how to soldier, it just I am afraid I will damage the unit by opening it up the wrong way. I have made my own intetconnects, so I think this job is not hard for me if I could open it up. 
if you reach out to Albert Porter, he may be able to help guide you, with all the appropriate disclaimers. Never heard of this problem, but dig mine. He might also be able to tell you the age- there was a running change on the unit roughly 5-6 years ago involving transformers and a few things in the power supply. 
Love mine. 
Roll the rectifier tube- lot's of threads on that subject. Big differences, and some of the good ones aren't crazy money. 
Speaking of interconnects, can you say more about your other components? Are you running the H3000 in balanced or SE mode? Is the hum in both channels? (I assumed so, since you probably would have mentioned it if the hum was in only one channel.) If you're using the SE outputs, you might try switching to the balanced outputs, or vice-versa.
Hi Lewm,
Here are the list of my components:
 Garrard 301 with 2 tonearms:
Moerch  DP-6 with ZYX Aries 3 Moerch  Phono Cable
Polstar PS-UNV2 with ZYX Omega Gold, Polstar phono cable
Allnic H-3000
Homemade Silver IC
Shindo Aurieges
Shindo Interconnect
Shindo Montille EL84
Belden Speaker Cables
Devore Fidelity The Nines

I dont have any balance IC to try for now.
I will switch my homemade IC to the MIT avt1 IC to check.
 Thanks for the suggestion.
Also the hum in both channels and only at the Mute Position. 
@whart and @lak 
Thanks for your suggestions. I will contact Albert, but for now i am still waiting for the answer from the seller before moving forward on what to do with the unit. It is strange, I have emailed him for 2 days without answer. He might not checking emails over weekend.
Calvin, Do you live on the East Coast, USA?  If so, I can strongly recommend Bill Thalmann in Springfield, VA. Bill is a fine person and smart repair guy who is completely honest.
Forgot to note that your Shindo stuff is strictly single-ended.  So I don't know whether you can really do true balanced mode, to test the function of the switch.  (I am not even sure how the Allnic achieves balanced output.  It might be via a transformer, since I would bet the circuitry is actually SE.)
@lewm- you may already know this, but Bill Thalmann is authorized to work on the Allnic gear. And I agree, he is first rate. He restored a bunch of vintage gear for me that give me great joy in my second system. Nice man to boot. 
I am on the west coast, Southern California. 
@dangcaonguyen - I agree that you should speak to seller first before you open up the unit or commit to spending money. May still be worth talking to Albert about your options. Perhaps it is a simple fix, but presumably that’s going to be out of the seller’s pocket. (and you’ll need to find a decent shop near you-- I hate shipping gear if it can be avoided; I actually dropped off my stuff at Thalmann’s en route from NY to Texas).
Assuming the unit is already out of factory warranty period, the main concern- once you reach agreement on approach with your seller, is to avoid a situation where the manufacturer says "oh, you let someone unauthorized work on it, so in the future, you may have problems getting service." Frankly, I don’t think Albert would jam you- and the support I got through David Beetles (and subsequently Albert) has been first rate- they have the relationship with Mr. Park, and it makes it way easier for them (now Albert) to guide you. Hopefully, you get it sorted fast, cheaply and easily. Let us know what happens.
I would think there would be some good techs in your area.
@lewm I switched the interconects to MIT, the problem is still there. 
You are right, when I stand with bare foot and touch the transformer’s gain knobs, the hum is gone. The problem is the ground disconnect while on the mute mode.
@whart Thank you, I will wait for a day or two to contact Albert. But as of right now, I trust the seller with his excellent reputation. I think he will contact me tomorrow when he is back to work.
I found , more than once . that a different cable often takes 2 weeks or more
to "settle" in a system .  Even an old one you move around for that matter .
schubert"a different cable often takes 2 weeks or more
to "settle" in a system"

It sounds like something is very wrong with your Music Reproduction System such as badly contaminated plugs jacks or connectors or defective wire that should be discarded or some other odd failure point that can be readily corrected by a experienced and competent technician of which you should avail yourself so as to remedy this misfunction.
If you're on the West Coast, I agree with others that Albert Porter will probably treat you well. He may even be able to recommend a repair person in your area of California.  Dave Beetles is also a first rate person. And yes, it would seem fair to have the other guy pay for any repairs. By the same token, I doubt he was aware of the problem, which likely is the result of shipping and "handling".

I am lucky in that Bill Thalmann's shop is only about 30 minutes from my house.
Thanks everybody,
I got the message from the seller. There is the toggled switches on the back of the unit fir changing between Balance and Rca outputs selection. He suggested I check it on first (which i forgot to do). I will do it this evening and report back.
Good catch. I didn’t even think of that. Hope that solves the problem.
Then you can get down to the serious business of rolling rectifiers. :)
Hi everyone,
I am happy to report back that the problem is fixed. Its just the switch on the back of the unit. I firgot to switch it back to RCA. (What a stupid I am). Please apologize for my ignorance.
Now I am very happy that the H-3000 is as quiet as a tombstone.
About tube rolling, what are you reccomend? The seller already installed the RCA nos rectifer tube on the power supply. But if you know pf the better tube please tell.
Calvin- quite a few threads on the subject. A lot of the rectifiers are cheap enough that you can try several for yourself and see what works best in your system. I am presently using a GEC U-52, have used a fat base first series Mullard (the earlier metal base is preferred) and there is a military RCA from WWII with a particular getter arrangement that is supposed to be good. (Perhaps that's what's in there). You might look at Dub-Step Girl's Massive Rectifier Shoot-Out (or something like that)-- she does describe the general character of many rectifiers, but I think the results will still depend on the circuit and what you are chasing in the system.
I'm glad the problem was simple to address. Enjoy your new phono stage!
Congratulations on the H-3000 and glad that you have it sorted out.  Now, find an HA-3000 to pair with it and kick that wonderful phono up to even greater heights! 
I'm glad it was an easy fix ;-)!
To answer your question regarding tubes, all of the stock tubes in the Allnic are NOS except the rectifier.  You already have a NOS RCA but other rectifiers that Albert suggested are Tung Sol, Valvo, Mullard, and Cossor.  Mullard will be warmer whereas the Tung Sol will be leaner. 
Thanks everybody. I am glad as nothing serious happened.
I am sure that I will do tubes rolling in the next few months. I am very satisfy with the sound i get with the RCA now. But who knows...
Thanks again.

dangcaonguyen OP87 posts04-29-2018 5:38pmI am on the west coast, Southern California.
Late to this thread. Glad you figured it out. For future reference, Roger Modjeski of Music Reference is authorized to work on Allnic gear. He’s up here in the SF Bay Area. Terrific guy, and one of the most knowledgeable techs you’ll find.
Hello dangcaonguyen,

Excellent news on solving your hum issue, thank you for doing this research for us.. :)

Regarding the rectifier, I have tested many, and have a few favourites that to me and friends are stand out options: KR Audio 5u4g being the first, a wonderful match and so full and open sounding. Second is not generally available off the shelf so to speak, and it is the Ayon 5u4g. It is a large tube which requires a simple mod to fit into the psu case, but it is all that the KR is with tremendous bottom end drive, and is probably my favorite. Next I will test a KR Zirconium 5u4g, if this can improve on either the 'standard' KR or the Ayon, I have my phono stage to grow old with.. Have fun.. btw, none of these are cheap!
@ps68 is the KR ampizator the one? I see it on ebay for $600.
I have only rolled one rectifier tube in my H3000, a big base Mullard and could not believe the improvment over the stock tube.  Have fun with this when you are ready, there are many options.
Thanks ps68 and pops,
I will try it when my budget allows. 
As of right now, compare to my Zyx Artisan 2 and H-1201, I am enjoying my new h-3000 a lot more. 
Thanks to all.
Just ordered the CBS/Hytron 5U4G ST to try. Will report back in a week or two.
 Thanks gents.