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Pivot to Spindle distance
Mark,IMO, when the manufacture designed a tonearm, they calculated and set the P2S distance and all the geometry of the tonearm to get the best out of the cartridge with the least of distortion possible. When you changed the P2S distance, it will ... 
Can I use my Allnic L3000 preamp with headphone amp?
Hello all,Yesterday I tried to plug the Allnic preamp in between the CD player and my Woo WA3. It turned out OK. I was able to listen with the Woo WA3 setting the volume at 9am position and the Allnic L3000 at 10am. I like the sound compared to wi... 
Can I use my Allnic L3000 preamp with headphone amp?
I am afraid the preamp will over drive the headphone amp. Please tell me if I am OK. 
VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
Steve at VAS did a great job on fixing my Zyx Airy 3 cartridge.  
Reel to Reel information, user tips and tricks...
I think it is more attractive if the manufacture could make a tape preamp with 4 inputs like some phono stage preamp. Someone would hook up 4 R2R machines at the same time. 
CD Transport VS Streamer
I am using a cheap DVD Sony DVP-999ES as the transport for my Wavelength Audio Cosine DAC. Compared to BlueSound Node2 (not node2i), to the same DAC, the Sony sounds better. My digital cable is Nordost Moonglo. 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
Hi,Does anybody know of how to clean up the plenum please? Also, what materials does the manufacture put inside?It looks completely enclosed and there is no way to open it up to clean inside.Thanks,Calvin  
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
Correction: "parallel to the LP surface" 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
What I meant was since the lps have different thickness and some other variables, using microscope to find the 92 degree is only bring you to the boundary of 92 degree, therefore if we can trust the cartridge manufacturers we can save money on pur... 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
@rauliruegas I understood what you said, that is why I said “very closed to 92 degree” 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
Thank you for all the responses gents. I understand a lot more.Second question: Can we trust on the cartridge manufacture on the 92 degree SRA? I mean, if we can set the top of the cartridge perfectly parallel to the platter, then we can get very ... 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
Thank you all for the answers, but so far no one have answered directly my question: If I adjusted the VTA by 1 degree, will the SRA change with the same 1 degree?Thanks 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
@gregm So the VTA cannot be adjusted by the end user? 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
@wlutke Please explain more detail.Thanks 
How to properly set up a turntable
@petg60. What is HTA?Thanks