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Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
@patrickdowns I’d heard his amps were great too. I cannot find anything about the owner of the company... it’s like he vanished. Did he die? Ralph Catino is still around, living in the Boston area last time I heard from him, which was maybe three ... 
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
Reference Line Audio Silver Signature. Owned one for 20 years and it's still the best solid state amp I've heard. 
Is the Manley Steelhead still relevant?
I ran a Steelhead RC for four years, during which time I went through four turntables, five tonearms, and many cartridges. I liked it a lot; for the money and versatility, it's hard to beat. But that said, it was readily bested by the Allnic H3000... 
Grace Level ll
Not to shift the focus of the thread but I thought I'd mention my experience with the F-9e, which I owned but sold, and the F-14, which I currently own. I bought the F-9e as NOS, factory sealed, from LPGear maybe four years ago. With its stock sty... 
Phono stage with 3 inputs
Aesthetix Rhea has 3. The new Gold Note PH-1000 will have 3 when it's released, although one will be XLR, I believe. Allnic H3000 has 4.  
garrard vs clearaudio innovation
I used to own an Innovation Wood, which I ran alongside a Nantais Reference Lenco MkII. Had it on a Minus-K platform with a Phantom Supreme and Universal arm. Sold the Innovation and its arm, kept the Lenco, added a Brinkmann Oasis and a Phantom I... 
Nakamich Service Info
Willy tuned up my BX-300 and did a stellar job. Lucky for me, I can drive to his house in 20 mins. 
Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?
I’m a confirmed vinyl guy. Two turntables, three tonearms, more cartridges than I can remember. I’m also in my 60s and been collecting records since the early ’70s. But I’m here to tell you, vinyl takes a lot of commitment, with a pretty steep lea... 
Kef Blade or Kef Blade Two for bigger room
Tidal WiFi not as good as cd
Tidal through an Auralic Aries Mini with an S-Booster power supply via Wifi sounds better than CDs through my Marantz SA-11S2. 
ADS L1290 Speakers
I run L1290 MkII with a vintage HK 430 receiver, all of 25 watts and that's plenty. The combo sounds absurdly good. 
Any steel 14” to 16” speaker stands out there?
Another +1 for Sound Anchor. Welded steel, sand filled, custom for you speakers, good price. I have 16-inch, four-posters for 95-lb  PMC IB2i. The stands weigh around 80 pounds each, look good, and sound far superior to PMC's own stands. 
Isoacoustics Gaia II on what type of speaker platform?
Nothing worked as well as the Herbie’s Audio Labs threaded Decoupling Gliders on the stand. My experience, too. I recently installed Herbie’s giant threaded gliders under my four-post Sound Anchor stands for PMC IB2i, which are 95 lb monitors. I’m... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
+2 Erik. 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Hi lak, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have PMC Ib2i with customer Sound Anchor four-post stands. I am curious whether the Gaia I would work there magic under stands. A call to IsoAcoustic wouldn't be a bad idea, though the cynic in me think...