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Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
That is really quite funny, the Forehead School of Shakespeare scholarship. Bust out the calipers! Physiognomy lives again in English Departments!  
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@pindac Not that I get too excited about Shakespeare. Well, I’d say that’s your loss, especially with your apparent love of language. But to each their own. Now, in an attempt to bend my tangent from Shakespeare back toward Brinkmann, I’ll ad... 
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@pindac I completely enjoyed your last post. So Lear’s famous complaint would be something like: “I am a man more shot at and missed than shooting,” which has an eery currency in the power politics of delusional victimhood.  
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
Like @motown-l , I started audiophilia with a Pioneer SX-525 and an idler. In my case a Dual 1214 with a Stanton cart of some sort. This was in 1973. Speakers were Marantz 4G, which I doubled and stacked a year later. Then Koss headphones. I loved... 
Ikea Kallax Vinyl Record Storage: Which version have you used?
I use the predecessor to the Kallax, whatever it was called. It has 5x5 squares and seems identical. I modded it by screwing a 2-inch strip of wood across the back of each row of squares as a backstop. The open back doesn’t bother me about dust be... 
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
Take a look at offerings from Aric Audio. I’ve owned the Transcend Push Pull for 14 months and it is excellent. With KT150 tubes, you get a stiff 65w of Class A in UL mode. It also takes KT120, KT88, and EL34 with respectively diminishing power. A... 
Schroder Tonearms - where do I purchase? are there authorized sellers in US?
@mijostyn Thanks. I get that the counterweight coating is something of a band aid. As you say, why not a non-resonant weight? And I got a laugh out the image of a steering wheel with a shock absorber attached, although it is obviously absurd while... 
Schroder Tonearms - where do I purchase? are there authorized sellers in US?
The OL has no damping at all. @mijostyn , I always appreciate your posts and learn a lot from them, even when I disagree. I’m wondering why you make this claim. OL’s description of the Agile plainly states: The Agile has undergone lengthy exp... 
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
@ptrck887 , Herbie’s Giant Gliders tightened up the bass for me, as well as making it easier to slide the speakers on hardwood. I affixed one under each corner with double-sided carpet tape. BTW, I performed the same mods as you, along with swapp... 
Schroder Tonearms - where do I purchase? are there authorized sellers in US?
Google Thom Mackris at Galibier Design. He carries both lines and is very knowledgable.       
Minimum Power Needed to Drive Klipsch Cornwall IVs? - Considering Erhard_Audio Ray
In my 460 sq ft room with 8 ft ceilings, 3 watts of high quality SET is not enough, but 8 watts is more than enough and glorious.  
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
I have main-system speakers of 89bd/4ohms, 91db/4ohms, and 102db/8ohms. They match up with main amps of 100w Class A SS, 65w PP tube Class A, 8w SET, respectively. Each time I swap in a new combo, it’s my favorite. Many roads to Dublin.  
Comparison of sonic qualities of some tonearms
This disqualifies most VTA towers. People who insist on them need to find themselves a good hobby like cooking or basket weaving. Either/Or reasoning, common among true believers and propagandists, is a rhetorical fallacy that undermines the fo... 
Which EPA-100 bearings?
That's good advice, @rauliruegas. Much appreciated.  
Finally, Amazon Learns to Package Records.
I buy directly from labels and musicians when I can, but invariably get some LPs from Amazon. Like Mijo says, the ease of returns is hard to turn down. I’ve gotten many warped records and bad pressings from all sources, especially in the last few ...