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Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
+2 Erik. 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Hi lak, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have PMC Ib2i with customer Sound Anchor four-post stands. I am curious whether the Gaia I would work there magic under stands. A call to IsoAcoustic wouldn't be a bad idea, though the cynic in me think... 
Paradigm Persona series
Anyone know where I could audition the 9H in the SF Bay Area? The local dealers won't stock it. Too expensive, they say. In SF? Really? 
Why do these Zyx Fuji and Airy 3 have such a dark sound?
I bought an Airy 3 maybe 10 years ago and sold it because it was too bright. Go figure. 
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
Thanks, guys, this helps.Anyone use these under heavy speaker stands? Any reason they wouldn’t work there?  
Isoacoustics Gaia Speaker Footers
I’m thinking of putting Gaia I on Sound Anchors stands under PMC IB2i speakers, replacing stock spikes and Herbie’s glider cups. Can anyone tell me whether, once installed, they are easy to slide on a hardwood floor, or do they stick in place? I’d... 
How low of the cartridge output the Allnic H3000 can handle?
Indeed, we ran with the Steelheads for a few years. Then you helped hook me onto the Allnic maybe 4 years ago. A whole 'nother fish and one that I've never wanted to throw back. So thanks again! Always good to read your helpful posts.  
VAC + Wilson Audio
I paired Bryston 28B2 with a VAC Phi Beta preamp, which has a very similar circuit to yours, and it worked well. Ultimately, I found the Brystons too dry and replaced them with a VAC 300.1a, so I understand your plan. Sorry, I can't help with your... 
How low of the cartridge output the Allnic H3000 can handle?
I’m whart’s evil twin and I use the GEC, too. My second fav is Brimar 5R4GY, then probably Amperex Holland Bugleboy 5AR4. 
How low of the cartridge output the Allnic H3000 can handle?
The 40x SUT in the H3000 will run cartridges down to 0.1mV, provided they have a fairly low number for internal impedance, or DCR. I bought a Benz Ebony TR, tested at 0.14mV with 1-ohm DCR, specifically to take advantage of the Allnic’s design. It... 
Phono Protractor. Recommendations?
Lewm, thanks for details. No, my positioning arm has no demarcations at all; it's just clear acrylic. I did buy the P2S tool when Daniel brought it out -- as I recall, he offered a special discount to UNI owners. It dovetails nicely with the UNI t... 
Phono Protractor. Recommendations?
Is the SMARTractor more precise than the UNI-protractor? I ask because I have the UNI, and actually prefer my old Wallytractors. 
Thoughts on VTA......
Raul is right, of course, that time is precious and trying to obtain the perfect VTA for each LP side is a waste of it. But at the same time, VTA close to perfect always sounds better, and obviously so. I won't own an arm without VTA adjustment th... 
Does anyone care to ask an amplifier designer a technical question? My door is open.
VAC seems to be doing some good work these days. I have worked on one of their big preamps, it was nice but picked up hum from a power amp 2 feet away. We were surprised. Yes, we were! Hey Roger. Great thread!Bill 
Best MM?
Dear @wrm57 : I own it, nothing to " die for ", good an that's all.Thanks, Raul. I think I'll mount it soon and see how it fares against my Grace F-14 with a SoundSmith OCL, which I like quite a bit.Bill