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Joseph Audio dealers
I believe Jeff Whitlock at A/V Solutions in Pleasanton, CA deals Joseph. He's a good guy. 
How much isopropanol is effective but safe for viny?
Same as Lewm. Safeway sells 99%. I'm sure East Coast grocers do, too. 
Rebuilt A90 or new Windfield Ti?
Thanks for the responses, guys. @nandric : Actually, I had this A90 retipped by Soundsmith a year ago and he did fine job, attaching a new Replicant 100 stylus to the old cantilever at a cost of $450, IIRC. Before that, some four years ago, I had ... 
Upgrade tonearm for Lenco L75 turntable jean natais plinth to perhaps a Durand Kairos ?
For ease of installation, I’d recommend a Triplanar VII. I use one on my Nantais Ref II Lenco and find it a good match. Effective length is 250mm; pivot-to-spindal is 233.4mm. Being a surface-mount, it requires only three screw holes to affix it t... 
Cartridge Loading- Low output M/C
While rules of thumb often get hit with a hammer, I’ll offer two that work for me:1. Start loading at 25 x DCR (or internal resistance, 5 ohms for the Bronze), then raise or lower (usually lower) to taste.2. Always listen to almarg.Best,Bill 
what is the best Kt88 to get
What amp do you have? KT88s can sound different depending on the amps design. I found Gold Lion KT88 to sound very good in my Primaluna Dialogue Premium versus other KT88s. The worst was Preferred Series from the Tube Store. This doesn’t mean the... 
Allnic H-3000 hum when mute button engaged.
dangcaonguyen OP87 posts04-29-2018 5:38pmI am on the west coast, Southern California. Late to this thread. Glad you figured it out. For future reference, Roger Modjeski of Music Reference is authorized to work on Allnic gear. He’s up here in th... 
I need a good arm to mate with a modified Lenco L75
The Graham is my favorite overall, but I keep it mounted on a Brinkmann Oasis in the same system. The Triplanar is second, then the SME (which is an excellent value, IMO). 
I need a good arm to mate with a modified Lenco L75
I have an SME M2-12R and Triplanar VII on my Nantais Ref II. Both sound terrific. I’ve mounted Graham Phantom Supreme on there, too, and that was also excellent. Like others have said above, if the table is modded to realize much of its potential,... 
Recommend which SPU?
The Royal with the replicant 100 stylus is in our opinion (a friendof mine owns one) neither fish nor fowl. It has not the resolutionof a Lyra or ZYX and not the typical charming SPU-sound. I understand this criticism, and agree with it to a deg... 
Recommend which SPU?
Yes, it is glossy. 
Recommend which SPU?
@chakster , Right, but I’m talking about the Royal GM MkII, NOT the Royal GM. Please look at the link I supplied above and tell me if that SPU is different from the one you’re talking about. Based on the following specs, I'd say they are the same.... 
Recommend which SPU?
@chakster , I think dhcod might have been speaking to the dissimilarity of the names, yours and mine: the Royal G MkII v. Royal GM MkII. I’m guessing they are identical, perhaps with the "G" marketed in Japan, but I could be wrong.Here’s the one I... 
Recommend which SPU?
I sometimes use a Royal GM MkII with that tonearm and like it a lot. At just 0.2mV, it requires a pretty good, high gain phono sage or a 1:30 SUT, in my experience. 
TriPlanar tonearm outward skating issue
On Raul's behalf, I'll interject that I am not the OP, just someone who chimed in. Ralph, while your solution did help me, the OP has yet to say whether it helped him. So Raul is correct when he says: Btw, the OP on this thread does not posted yet...