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Triangle speakers
None whatsoever. 
Electrocompaniet is back... anyone are hearing their gears?
I have Nemo monoblocks with an EC4.8 preamp.  Awesome bass control, excellent detail with a wide and deep sound stage.   
JC1 monoblocks / Maggie 1.7
Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks / KEF Reference 5 
New McIntosh amp build quality
One other thing to consider is that the 75 wpc rating is conservative.  They are closer to 90 wpc in stereo and 180 wpc in mono. 
New McIntosh amp build quality
I have KEF Reference 5 speakers.  I went to the other end of the amp spectrum and am now powering them with Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks.  I thought about adding another MC275 to get the additional power I wanted while keeping the smooth sound... 
New McIntosh amp build quality
I had a Mk VI in my system for a while and it ran flawlessly and sounded great. I just needed more power for my speakers. This list is posted on the Pearl Audio website and you might find it useful:Here are some new things on the current MKVI: • ... 
Recommendation on power amp
I have KEF Reference 5s (work better in my room than the Blade 2s) and power them with Electrocompaniet Nemos. Tough to find now, but they are a great match. The high-end KEFs like a high-current amp with plenty of power to drive them. Others that... 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
ADS L990Sonus Faber Concerto HomeNeat Motive SX2PMC fact.8 (current bedroom system)KEF Reference 5 (current main system)Eyeing a pair of Polk SDA-SRS 1.2TLs just for fun. 
good hifi store in Bay Area
I believe yyzsantabarbara is referring to Audio High on Moffett Blvd in Mt. View.  They sell Marantz, but not B&W. 
PMC Speakers
I have fact.8s in my bedroom system and keithtexas described them perfectly.  They do not have deep, deep bass, but enough in my room to do the music I listen to justice.  They throw a nice wide soundstage and are fast and extremely accurate.  Bui... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
The self-righteousness on this thread is deafening. 
If you could just pick one instrument that you think sounds best on your speakers
The Katzenklavier sounds particularly great on my speakers.  
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
I guess 13 years into this thread, the Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks remain an audio secret or at least vastly underrated.  Then again, I might be slightly biased :) 
Many seem to be talking about their last system .
She definitely does not see the value in the pursuit of better sound quality or the need to spend the funds in order to do so.  I, in return, don't understand the need for yet another handbag from some design house in Europe.  We both agree to qui... 
Many seem to be talking about their last system .
Well, in anticipation of losing discretionary funds to supporting the coffers of the universities of my kid’s choice, I built up 3 systems. One in my main listening room, one in my bedroom and one in my youngest son’s room (19 years old). I think ...