Absolute Monster SAM Turntable

Has anyone tried the Absolute Monster SAM Turntable?
I´m using Dr. Feickert analogue Woodpecker, and would like to know if Absolute Monster SAM Turntable might be better.
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How about a link to this obscure, garish piece.


Buy now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Absolute-Monster-All-Brass-130lbs-SAM-Turntable-24-carat-GOLDEN-Gilt-33-3-45...

6K shipped, and you get an MDF plater? What is you nice table lacking? Looks like an expensive boat anchor.

I envision weekends spent using a lot of Brasso polish.
Very "busy" looking and an mdf platter.  Better not get it wet or it will warp.  Chinese overkill.
stereo5-"Chinese overkill" more like Croation overkill.

There isn't any ridiculous blue LED embellishment to qualify.

I hope the poster was writing this post tongue in cheek?
I'm not so sure that it is overkill or bad. The designs don't look that bad and I would be happy to take one for a spin. 
SAM Reference TT is actually under rated, I have the SAM Reference that replaced my $15K Clearaudio Innovation Wood and I swear I’ll never go back to Clearaudio. Using the same Cart, the SAM TT is so much detail in sound and/or music. Yes, MDF Platter is right but the quality of the MDF they use at least for me, is way better than most aluminum platter out there. I wouldn’t judge this TT until you hear it. I gave the same judgment when I saw it for the first time but when I heard it from a friend who bought it before me, man was I wrong, I was  immediately amazed.

Just to update, I ended up buying the SAM Reference TT, and it's fantastic! Very detailed and opened sound quality!
It may be a great turntable. The engineering may be excellent. The design, however... um, de gustibus no disputandum.

In my view however, they should remove about 70% of the doo-dahs, rethink proportions, and stop thinking shiny metal is attractive because it's shiny.

A very 
superficial critique — and without even hearing it to boot — but TTs are also works of art, kinetic sculptures — and I was a professional designer — so I care about the aesthetics, crazy as that may be.