Absolute Monster SAM Turntable

Has anyone tried the Absolute Monster SAM Turntable?
I´m using Dr. Feickert analogue Woodpecker, and would like to know if Absolute Monster SAM Turntable might be better.
How about a link to this obscure, garish piece.


Buy now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Absolute-Monster-All-Brass-130lbs-SAM-Turntable-24-carat-GOLDEN-Gilt-33-3-45...

6K shipped, and you get an MDF plater? What is you nice table lacking? Looks like an expensive boat anchor.

I envision weekends spent using a lot of Brasso polish.
Very "busy" looking and an mdf platter.  Better not get it wet or it will warp.  Chinese overkill.
stereo5-"Chinese overkill" more like Croation overkill.

There isn't any ridiculous blue LED embellishment to qualify.

I hope the poster was writing this post tongue in cheek?
I'm not so sure that it is overkill or bad. The designs don't look that bad and I would be happy to take one for a spin. 
SAM Reference TT is actually under rated, I have the SAM Reference that replaced my $15K Clearaudio Innovation Wood and I swear I’ll never go back to Clearaudio. Using the same Cart, the SAM TT is so much detail in sound and/or music. Yes, MDF Platter is right but the quality of the MDF they use at least for me, is way better than most aluminum platter out there. I wouldn’t judge this TT until you hear it. I gave the same judgment when I saw it for the first time but when I heard it from a friend who bought it before me, man was I wrong, I was  immediately amazed.

Just to update, I ended up buying the SAM Reference TT, and it's fantastic! Very detailed and opened sound quality!
It may be a great turntable. The engineering may be excellent. The design, however... um, de gustibus no disputandum.

In my view however, they should remove about 70% of the doo-dahs, rethink proportions, and stop thinking shiny metal is attractive because it's shiny.

A very 
superficial critique — and without even hearing it to boot — but TTs are also works of art, kinetic sculptures — and I was a professional designer — so I care about the aesthetics, crazy as that may be.
portoalegre...now that you've had some time with your SAM table what are your thoughts/feelings about it??  I also am considering the Reference table, hopefully with two arms, so your feedback would be appreciated...may help other vinyl lovers on here too.                                  Thanks!
hdcls3 ... I'm very very happy with my SAM Gold Reference Monster table! It's a fantastic table, with a very good price! I don't like, however,  their arm, so I'm using two Kuzma 313 arms on this table, and the match is fantastic! 

I have one with an Audiomods arm and a custom 12v PS for the motor. It's a hell of a table that replaced a VPI Classic. Haters gonna hate I guess ....

Besides the platter, what ELSE is made from MDF?  For the bucks, I could not get my mind around the idea of an MDF platter.  But that certainly is not to say it cannot sound good. 

Im interested in purchasing one as well but would like to run different Tonearms in the future. Any advice on the difficulty and where to get the arm boards? 


Fancy looks and cheap price. As for extra tonearms, I can recommend acoustand tonearm pods that can be made to measure either for sitting on a turntable or on your turntable stand. They are very heavy and come with spikes, so solidity is a given. I've compared them with the built-in mount of my SME tables, and it has been easy to say a better cartridge on an Acoustand pod sounds better.

But, back to business. I'd advise against buying something that looks wonderful when it is cheap. There will be a reason. Buying decisions should be based on what sounds best to you, not on what looks good.