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Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
When you know what you want, and you want the best, a specialist is what you need. 
Speaker cable arrows???
Audiophiles as a group are the most gullible people on our planet.    True dat! 
Yamaha Audio products from the past? vs. more current.
Fan here of the MX1000 here and Yamaha in general.    MX1000 works flawlessly and is my favorite amp but planning total rebuild in the near future to take it to my end and beyond.     
9", 10" or 12" tonearm?
Sounds like new materials would be a benefit for the longer arm, lighter, stronger and low resonant...... 
Jelco TK-850L Installation and Initial Impressions
Thanks for that review.   The new Jelco arms continue to be on my watch list for a next arm.   Looking forward to hear how it plays the other carts in your stable. 
Why the woofer moves badly when playing certain LPs
mijostyn2,002 posts03-06-2020 6:25amCleeds, since when is a resonance point a "brick wall" situation. The resonance peaks then rolls off. If your woofers do not move at all visibly and you are playing vinyl either your woofers do not go down ver... 
Rega P10 v Complete rebuild Garrard 401!
Fremer really seemed to like the P10, I dunno................... 
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
Small drivers doing bass or big drivers doing high frequency doesn't sound like a great plan.    There are better ones out there......... 
Ok guys
Not playing records, dust  cover on.Playing records, dust cover off.  I can hear feedback at significant volumes with cover on, so easy choice. 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Well when I was 25, 55 was a geezer.   I suppose the older we get, the further geezerland moves.   You tell me, what's the cutoff? 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
I've also entered geezer land soon to be official senior citizen at 55 yrs in May.  Beats the alternative!Regarding the original thread title, my TT101 is nearing unuseable state, but spins at 33 rpm still, but even that acting up till it's warm.K... 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
You don't have to be that old to remember Cool Hand Luke.Remember watching it in my teens for sure.Still rated as one of Paul Newman's better performances. Umm, I think you for sure are not young!   Movie is from 1967! 
AT 33SA or OC9 for 1200 mk5
No lean away from musical at all for the line contact stylus.   Out of the 3 I'd say the line contact versions might be the most musical.   The ART9 and the OC9iii share the same body, are in the same family.   Have not actually heard the 33PTG ... 
AT 33SA or OC9 for 1200 mk5
I have owned both the 33SA and the OC9iii.The 33SA was a smidge better overall, but with pricing it should be.  I think your arm is a tweener that work with either.   My gut says that the OC9iii might be better with its higher compliance.  I run t... 
Tonearm ...... Acos Lustre GST-801 ..... Yea/Nay
GST801 as mentioned is a fine piece.   I think I may have the original tonearm lift, and that is the weak point in this, which is not a big deal.   The original headshell is not that light mass wise.   Without wires and hardware is 9.2 grams.   Wi...