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Is hdcd worth having ??
I would have to agree with the 2 positive posts. Nearly all the HDCD's that I've owned or heard sound great. Reference Recordings, in particular, produces some astounding CD's. Just to name a few: Rachmaminoff's Symphonic Dances, Copland 100, Resp... 
Phenomenal Classical Recordings
Most of the set is good. Not all, unfortunately. Many of these recordings are by now considered as "classic". However, bearing the title of this thread as "phenomenal recordings", I would leave out the Beethoven/Mendelssohn (for recording quality,... 
Reviews on Quad L series subwoofer.....
I'll go back to my British mags and re-read. I will report back if I find it. 
Phenomenal Classical Recordings
Now, you're talking. I will compile a list for you and will either post it here or email it to you. I'm sure there are many others who will do the same. You will be flooded 8^)Is your pocket book big enough? 
Reviews on Quad L series subwoofer.....
I haven't seen anything yet. However Quad gets a lot of attention from the British press so a review should be imminent. 
Phenomenal Classical Recordings
Rushton nailed it on the head. You need to give us a starting point. This is a huge repertoire you are dealing with. 
favorite SOPRANO?
Just got all 3 of Pentatone RQR SACD of Elly Ameling (recorded in '73): 1 of Schubert Lieder, 1 of Schumann Frauenliebe und Leben etc., 1 of Mozart Opera & Concert Arias. What lovely performances with beautiful remastered multi-channel sound t... 
Multi channel versus stereo question
Yes. They all do. 
Von Schweikert VR4-Jr: Urgent Opinions Needed
Another compliment for a great post, Bill. Really good writing also. Like you I heard the same thing you mention about the Vandies: "lifeless with large orchestral music". I almost put them on my short list awhile ago (considering what they do wit... 
Plinius CD player
...only if minimal display is not important to you. I believe the only information being displayed is the track number. 
Receiver/Processor with DVI Switching
I heard that Outlaw new receiver due to debut in January will have DVI-switching. 
favorite SOPRANO?
Tooter, well said. Every Dawn Upshaw's disc is well conceived and satisfying. A friend of mine saw her recently at the Opera National de Paris in a production of Poulenc's Dialogues des Carmelites and thought she was amazing. 
ultimate best speakers ever- now under 15K
Crozbo, I did extensive listening to the Duevel Bella Luna and was so impressed with them that I almost bought a pair until I started spinning choral music. This is their Achilles' heel. Ted & Markus (Duevel) were in the room and I pointed thi... 
ultimate best speakers ever- now under 15K
Dave, I heard the McIntosh CRT-28s too. While they were mightily impressive with many kinds of music, I did not think they were as good with classical music which is Pedrillo's main repertoire. For having as many drivers as they do, the sound stag... 
Review: DECWARE HDT206EM Speaker
Can you mention the kind of music (perhaps some specific discs) you listen to with these speakers?