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ultimate final word best cd set up
Pedrillo, in the context of what you're trying to achieve (assuming budget around $4K to $6K), you should put the Lector CDP-7T on your audition list, especially if you're starting to love operas. This CD player is about music, not hi-fi. It's exc... 
Living Stereo SACD Releases
Eldartford, Eddaytona was liking the RCA Living Stereo Reissues. All we are saying is he would have appreciated the Mercury Living Presence even more. Frankly, I haven't listened to any MLP SACD that I didn't like, both in sound and performance. T... 
Speakers for vocalists
Add J.M. Reynaud also. 
Living Stereo SACD Releases
If you are floored by these, you will be even more so with the Mercury Living Presence SACD's. 
Electrocompaniet ECI-3 or Classe CAP-151
Xenithon, For heaven's sake, slow down. Please enjoy your audio upgrade journey and stop second-guessing yourself and introducing unknown variables to your upgrade. Please excuse my bluntness but it only comes from a good place. The reason why you... 
speakers with Ebony finish
Albert, do you happen to have the approximate measurements for the Alpha S? Thanks. 
The Magic of Brazilian Music
If you are into SACD, then try Wilma de Oliveira. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Here's a review. 
speakers with Ebony finish
Rlwainwright, read carefully. The G&R speakers that Albert recommended are fully assembled at this price. 
2 Center Speakers in M-C/HT System?
Eldartford, what pre/pro do you have and are you positioning your center speakers so the tweeters are closer together? Thanks.  
The Show vs. C.E.S. vs Home Entertainment
Sorlowski, you are now an official "industry affiliate". wink wink. 
2 Center Speakers in M-C/HT System?
Elevick, thanks for the response. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve but need to confirm with someone who has done it. So, according to your description, the tweeters for your center speakers are facing outward (to the outside). Right? 
Schweikert VR4-Jr vs. Gallo Reference 3 with SA
Congratulations on your decision! It must have been hard, but your reasons were very solid...and perhaps over time you will come to appreciate knowing that they're lighter than the VSA. They're also non-bi-wired. Steel accent and maple base = eleg... 
Schweikert VR4-Jr vs. Gallo Reference 3 with SA
I agree with Jeff 100%. You should a pretty good match with the ECI-3. Xenithon, another deal breaker may be the weight of the speakers. I used to prefer "the heavier built the better" until I have to move equipment around once or twice too many t... 
Schweikert VR4-Jr vs. Gallo Reference 3 with SA
Geoh, do report your findings. It would be most interesting indeed because I happen to prefer the Gallo Ref.3. The ambience tweeter on the VR-4Jr sounds better on paper than in person. But then, unlike you I didn't get to hear them side by side in... 
Denon 2910 and 3910 upsample redbook??
Most clearly and simply put. Thanks Alex.