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New Speakers- Revolution Acoustic
It's Evolution Acoustic not Revolution Acoustic. 
Best 6922 tubes for DAC
If you do a search in the forums for "Audio Logic", there are a few threads about this topic. If I remember correctly, several people preferred Mullard and Tungsram. 
George Mark Audio - Overture DAC/Pre. Anyone?
I hope they will be at CES. If so, I will seek them out. Seems like an objective review and not overtly hyped. 
Why I Like Thiel
Prpixel, I'm with you. It was stupid for some manufacturers to have these rules. 
Other than Nemo and the like...
U-571, Master & Commander, Fifth Element (DTS), Matrix & Lord of the Rings in no particular order. 
Blue Train, SACD or DVD-A
Cytocycle, Snipes is asking feedback on a particular release called "Blue Train" not a player per se. An BTW, SACD hasn't been that crawling! It's slow compared to CD for sure. However, if you were to look at how many new releases there are per mo... 
Why I Like Thiel
Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Will you buy your subwoofer "new" I hope? Thiel needs to recuperate the money for the driver. :-) 
Subwoofer for 2 channel preamp
I want to achieve the same thing too, but my component has a pre-out not a sub-out. Would I proceed the same way as suggested above? 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
Would you consider a bald cat? 8^) 
Storage for Speaker.....One Year
I like Luc's suggestion. Doing this keeps your speakers broken-in while hopefully creating a new addict to audio. In addition, you'll be perceived as a generous person. This hobby needs new members. 
SACD/CD Question
Well said Wildoats. I'm currently doing the same in purchasing new music. If there is a hybrid SACD version of the same music, I would choose the hybrid if it means spending $1 or $3 more. 
Which table to choose - Rega P3 or Music Hall MM7
Table for 2! Sorry, just couldn't resist. 
Downsizing-Need Integrated Amp Advice
Another option is the Prima Luna Prologue One or Prologue Two also available from Upscale Audio. There are many reviews on both. 
SACD/CD Question
I don't have this recording so I can't speak about it specifically. However, I would add that Sony is rather inconsistent with their productions. Just look at the packaging. Depending on when they were produced, many CD's and SACD's have different... 
Madeline Peyroux/dreamland
What kind of system do you have? It seems everyone agrees except you.