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Best recording of Tchaikovsky's 5th
Mariss Jansons with the Oslo Philharmonic on Chandos for a well rounded performance. 
Pathos Logos vs BAT 300X
I second Dma. I own the Pathos and also love it. It took a long time (2 mos.) for the unit to arrive. I guess there's a big demand for it. Musical, agile (stops and starts in a lightning quick manner), smooth, great PRAT, incredible depth, nice he... 
Best sounding room at CES 2003
I visited Burmester room early on Saturday morning before they officially opened. They allow me in to play some music on the Rondo line while they neurotically and quietly cleaned and shined their equipment. Their suite was very big (2-rooms). The... 
CES 2003: Which products impressed you?
Gunbei, I was at the Audio Note room. You did not miss much. 
CES 2003: Which products impressed you?
Gunbei, I took a lot of pictures so I can share them whenever they are available. I could not borrow a digital camera (spent too much on audio!) so had to use my normal camera. Will develop the pictures today and ask for the jpeg copies. I'm quite... 
CES 2003: Which products impressed you?
Gunbei's assessment of the rooms were quite similar to mine. Thank you for taking the time to share your observations. 
CES 2003: Which products impressed you?
Bel Canto new DCD is very imppressive. See my response under the other CES 2003 posting by F_S Audio. 
Best sounding room at CES 2003
VTL provided the most impressive sounding room per my limited time at the show. I did not have enough time to visit all the rooms. But I got to visit a fair amount of rooms. VTL was using Linn CD12, VTL new Reference Monoblocks, Wilson Watt Puppy ... 
CES 2003 - Any Audition/Picture Requests?
I was able to listen to the new Bel Canto all-in-one DCD player for about 35 minutes at the end of Friday when there was no traffic. There was another Japanese dealer in the room auditioning at the same time. This unit is pretty amazing. It plays ... 
CEC questions?????
FWIW, here's what I've been told by a dealer in response to my inquiry: "We have kept CEC at a very low profile, since the models you mentioned (TL1X and TL2X) do not reliably play CDR,CRW, or CDs over 70 minutes long. For customers who are willin...