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Something similar to Mahler
Try Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht. You'll be pleasantly surprised how beautiful and romantic this piece is. 
holiday suggestions...
It looks like you have great I/C already. What else are you looking for? 
favorite SOPRANO?
Texasdave, Zinka Milanov doing "Pace pace mio Dio" from La Forze Del Destino is still unbeatable. The pianissimo seems to go on forever and the note just floats out of nowhere. 
Anyone Audition or buy the Music Hall Maverick SAC
Stay on the high-end of your budget and pick-up the Alex Paychev modded Denon DVD-3910. Go to aplhifi for more information. Stereotimes did a very favorable review of the Alex Paychev modded Philips SACD-1000. Look under archives, transports/cd pl... 
finally have purchase approval
For amplification, you owe it to yourself to check out the developments at They are running a special on what they call EMO Ultra-Lite separates for $1,098 for the first 100 combos. These were already sold out as soon as the news we... 
favorite SOPRANO?
Pedrillo, now that you have mentioned her, she's no longer forgotten. :) I love her too. 
Best $4000-$5000 loudspeaker
FWIW, why not put this one on your list also? Strata RSL One. 
Von Schweikert VR4-Jr: Urgent Opinions Needed
I know you have your mind made up already, but there's another choice you may want to consider. It's the Strata RSL Mini available from www.av123.comYeah Yeah! produces some mid-fi stuff but this is different. Mark Schifter, the owner, h... 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
Can you afford hiring Halle Berry? She's catwoman. She can reason with them 8^) 
holiday suggestions...
Slappy would suggest Colorader. 
holiday suggestions...
Sounds like Chicago should be on your short list. 
Von Schweikert VR4-Jr: Urgent Opinions Needed
VSA 4-Jr, Gallo Ref. III and Hyperion HPS-938 should be on your short list. They are in the same price range. Bear in mind, these speakers are only as good as the amp. used to drive them. I notice on an earlier thread that you intend to drive them... 
How does the Ayre System Enhancement CD work?
I think Charles Hansen explained this in a thread on Audio Asylum where he regularly posted. It has to do with the sweeping tones clearing/demagnetizing residual fields off of "solid state" chips. I'm sure you need a more technical answer than thi... 
balanced connection player
New units within your budget would be Cairn Fog v2, Lector CDP-0.5T, Unico CD player, Consonance CD120...just off top of my head. Used units: add Talk Electronics Thunder 3.1B, Linn Ikemi... 
George Mark Audio - Overture DAC/Pre. Anyone?
Kana813, you do have a point. However, Key Kim (the reviewer) bought the review sample. That is saying a lot.