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Best sub4k amplification and processing?
Scottshannon, Thule has a problem with Quality Control. I bought some components from the former importer of these products and had to return them due to poor workmanship. One of the RCA connectors fell inside the chassis when I tried to hook up t... 
Agon Members at CES
Sounds good to me. I'll be there. 
CES Rumors
Pathos will debut their first top-loading tube-based CD player. 
Single vs Multiple driver loudspeakers...
Gmood1, just look at the possibilities of using the Clari-T's. Get a killer Universal Player that can do distance adjustments and hook up several of these with single-driver-high-efficiency speakers! Matchstikman, sorry for hi-jacking your thread. 
Single vs Multiple driver loudspeakers...
Gmood1, thanks again. I should have asked this in my earlier post. What speakers are you intending to use with the Clari-T? 
Single vs Multiple driver loudspeakers...
Gmood1, thanks for the info. What is the power output of the Clari-T amp? 
What Integrated Amp & Speakers for $1,000?
These 2 could make very good pairing: Onix A-60 MKII and Usher S-520Good luck. 
Anyone Tried the New Lexicon RV-8?
I believe it's over $6K. Kind of ridiculous. 
Best sub4k amplification and processing?
Within NAD, is there a reason why you left out T773 receiver and the combo T163 & T973? I think they are better than the T762. You can also get a used combo of Anthem AVM-30 and MCA-50 for $2,500 and $1,300, respectively. But then you 'll have... 
Universal disc player
Jdaniel, please report back on your findings of the UDP-1. Like you, I also listen to large scale classical and would be interested in learning about the performance of the UDP-1. Thanks. 
PMC GB 1 Speakers - Running In
Alex, IMHO, the joy of audio is the journey you experience with your equipment. I'm usually interested in how the new equipment sounds "cold out of the box". If it sounds tinny and bad, I would then subject it to a break-in period of a long week-e... 
DV-50s vs Krell SACD Standard vs Denon 3910 mod
Meta, I heard you're in the Bay Area. Would you care to share a listening experience whenever you get the APL back? Thanks. 
McIntosh MVP851 or Denon 5900
Kal, Do you happen to know which transport the MVP861 is using? Thanks. 
Living Stereo SACD Releases
Of the RCA LS SACD's, I find the Ravel Daphnis & Chloe the best in performance and sound. It's also one that will not be replicated on Mercury. 
Living Stereo SACD Releases
Tom, they were recorded using 35mm film stock. There's some interesting articles on the MLP website. I think they (the engineers) used Wilma Cozart-Fine's Ampex equipment to remaster the SACD's. It's all there on the website. ..and yes, the highs ...