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CES 2005: Who had the best bang for the buck room?
Nrchy, SST sounds very good but remember that they use the dCS source components so this needs to be considered in perspective. 
Who hear the Hyperion at the CEs this year ?
I heard it. 
Halcro debuted their first 2 Pre/Pro's at CES2005. One of them will do HDMI/DVI switching. It's a beauty but will cost you $9,900.00. I have picture if you want to see it. Outlaw also announced a new receiver that will offer HDMI/DVI switching. 
PrimaLuna ProLogue One versus Two
Prima Luna Two is slightly more detailed. The sound has bit more punch (dynamics) but remains very sweet. I prefer the Prologue Two even with the price difference of $250 retail. 
How do you switch between 2Ch and MC on hybrids
I have the 3910. There's a small round button on the front face to the right. Depending on what mode you have your player default to, pressing this button once more reverts to the other mode. 
New Beryllium drivers by Usher at CES2005
The Be Tweeter was in the top of the line model in the Compass Series. It sounded incredibly nice, silky and present without any harshness. 
Best and Worst sound at the CES Show 2004
I believe there are enough great sounding products to be concentrating on the "worst". Why not reporting on the positive stuff? Will report my thoughts when I have more time. 
Agon Members at CES
Count down... I'm flying tomorrow. Can't wait! 
Sri Lanka and the Tsunami
I would like to help also. 
Speakers for vocalists
Most if not all electrostatic speakers are power hogs. 
Music from hard drive better than CD?
Good thread. This is also what I wanted to achieve. Thanks. 
Plinius CD player
Plinius CD-101 Review by AudioEnz in New Zealand. 
I need tube info
Tube Depot also has some decent stock. 
Def Tech Mythos Anyone ?
I heard them at CES. They were impressive at first (and in a short listening period), but started to show their flaws over long listening sessions. 
Pathos Logos Questions
I will email you because it's going to be long.