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Anybody hear the Von Schweikert VR-4jr at CES?
Personally, I think the VSA VR4-Jr has an overly pronounced bass that is unnatural and out of balance with the rest of the speaker's frequency response. 
CES05: AlexisPark 1810: comments
I love the PrimaLuna but I think you can do better pairing it with other speakers. 
Moved from 2 channel to Home Theatre - Regrets?
Lazarus28, I second your opinion. Glad you spoke up. I would have otherwise. 
gallo ref3 with the golden ear awards?
Read my comment on this Gallo III thread. 
CES05: Tonian Labs: comments
Very nice sound indeed. I returned to this room twice. 
Horn speakers with Imaging?
The new Avant-Guarde Meta-Uno that I heard at CES05 were sensational at imaging. However, most horn speakers are not know for their imaging. 
Gallo Ref III Amps/impressions
The answers to your questions are: 1. Yes2. YesMark Hampton of ZCable also has these. At least, this is what I was told when I visited the ZCable room at T.H.E.05. The sound of the Gallo III's is nice but you should hear the sound that Mark Hampto... 
Moved from 2 channel to Home Theatre - Regrets?
Not if you do this correctly. 
CES05: AlexisPark 1515: comments
I thought they were very alive sounding. However, I think they could have used more burning in. Couldn't imagine how they would sound like once burned-in. 
CES05: AlexisPark 1714: comments
I'm glad you mentioned it. I was there too and thought the sound was great. 
What speakers was Usher playing at CES?
I think it's only the Dancer Series (according to the answer I got from the manufacturer at CES2005). 
What speakers was Usher playing at CES?
Usher Dancer Series CP-8871. I have the picture. This new version has the Be Tweeter. 
Instruments of the Orchestra
I second the recommendation of Britten's Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra. 
Who hear the Hyperion at the CEs this year ?
Dlwask, you brought up a good point. The electronics could be the cause. Who knows? 
Who hear the Hyperion at the CEs this year ?
Fatparrot, it's Hyperion Audio HPS-938. Honest1, I also felt the same. From the buzz on AgoN, I was expecting to wowed! However, there appeared to be an uneveness (imbalance) in the frequency response. The trebble seemed accentuated (a little bit ...