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@canibefrankAnd just to be clear, the Musical Paradise DAC is a wonderful sounding DAC. I do recommend it if you don’t already have a tube system. It is just that in my tube system I liked the TEAC better. I will likely be using the MP DAC in my S... 
Tube Amps Watts vs SS amp
The tubes vs SS discussion should focus more on the type of music one prefers rather than the technical merits of each amp. I have multiple tube and SS amps that I interchange frequently. If you primarily listen to Jazz, voice, acoustic music of a... 
Who is using their DAC as a preamp?
I am using my TEAC NT-505 DAC as a pre-amp in front of two CARY 805AE mono amps. I am very happy with it. It replaced a Modwright SWL 9.0 tube pre-amp, which is no slouch pre-amp. I moved the Modwright to my other system which is all SS. A better ... 
I have not made comparisons to other stand-alone DACs in this price range. I will say that this DAC does not have a sonic signature. It gets out of the way. So if you are looking for a DAC that "adds" something this may not be it. The only other ... 
Review on Tekton Design Perfect Set Speaker just went live on Six Moons.com
I liked the review but every time I go to the 6moon site I am reminded why I rarely go there. I get a headache just trying to look past the maze of ads and pictures and drop down menu that keeps getting in the way. Oyeve! Of course my ad blocker d... 
Yes, it plays mp3 files. I did a test and played some mp3 files from both a thumb drive connected to the front USB and from my PC using MinimServ. I have not played any music via Bluetooth.  
@jackdThanks for that. I downloaded the Lumin app and it looks like the exact same app! I see it has a lot of instructions on its use on the Lumin site. 
@canibefrankPage 13 of NT-505 manual, "You can use the upconversion function with all input sources."A far as where I bought it, I bought it from Crutchfield.com because of their return timeline. 
Review of TEAC NT-505
Oops, and thanks. Yep, still trying to get a handle on all this internet plumbing.Hey, do you guys down under celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day? I bet you all would be good at it. 
Does this exist? Preamp/Streamer/DAC with MQA, Roon and more
TEAC NT-505 meets all your requirements except for HDMI input. 
Do you listen to equipment or music.
  The Audiophile community makes up a super set that is composed of two subgroups, Equipment-philes and Music-philes. These subsets do have a union as many audiophiles belong to both groups. Those who belong to the Music-phile group are in it for... 
When do you turn off the tubes?
Many tube amps have a stand-by mode in which the output tubes are off but the amp is still warm. My Cary amp have this. When I'm home and know I will be listening that day they stay in standby. When I leave the house or go to bed, everything gets ... 
Hey RICH Audiophiles
@ghasleyI think you just made my point better than I did.  
Hey RICH Audiophiles
The real question is why do rich audiophiles buy exorbitantly high priced systems when there are so many less expensive options to achieving equal or even better sound? Wealthy / successful people are usually focused on end state results, not twee... 
BUY Bryston!!!!!
Add Modwright to the list. Dan usually gets on the phone himself when he is in the office and recently he serviced a SWL 9.0SE preamp that I bought used and was years out of warranty and he repaired it at cost.