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Where do cables upgrades have the most impact?
Curious if those saying the power cable had the most impact are plugging into a power conditioner or a wall outlet? 
Turning off tube preamp first sends solid state amp into protection?
L.O.F.O  - Last On First Off 
Turning off tube preamp first sends solid state amp into protection?
Guy walks in to his doctor's office and says "Doctor it hurts when I do this." Doctor says "don't do that."  Henny Youngman 
Experiences moving from high-power to lower-power system
Ok, this is weird. I just posted the above comment and it got logged under another's userid.  Is AG having a problem?I have been on the fence on this for awhile deciding whether to go down this path or not. Never pulled the trigger because there a... 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
My Fisher Price Record player. Got it when I was 3 and have been so happy with it I have never wanted to look at anything else. Of course it doesn't actually "play" so I have to whistle and pretend. But it is fun to play with. 
If cost was no factor, what system would you build as your main audio system?
If cost were no object I would build a large concert room addition on my home and hire professional musicians to play regularly. Classical, Jazz, Rock, whatever. HA! No one thought of that! 
Can Streamed Music Sound Better than any other source?
The Oppo 203 has a couple of USB ports. Put your digital music on a solid state drive and connect it to the USB on your Oppo. Connect a small monitor to the HDMI output. Bingo! You now have a decent "server" with a large LCD display to navigate yo... 
Might try a tube preamp
It’s clear from your post that you are new to tubes and your intent is to introduce tube sound to your system to see it’s right for you. My advice:1. Buy a tube amp to fully experience tube sound not a tube preamp to use in front of a SS amp. 2. W... 
Node 2 digital and analog out?
Yes, both the digital and analog outputs work at the same time on the Node 2. I am doing this now. 
Infinity Kappa 9 Rebuild?
[I am making this follow up tip in a separate post in case a moderator chooses to delete it because I have to reference another audio site.]You should go do some research and post questions regarding Infinity speaker in the Infinity Forum on Audio... 
Infinity Kappa 9 Rebuild?
Brett,A couple of thoughts to your issues:If you are trying to verify the polarity of the Polydomes I would recommend you pull the Polydomes first, note and mark how they are wired, disconnect them and put a DMM on the wires to see if they are wir... 
How To Field Questions About Your Audiophile Lifestyle...
Me thinks some of you should find smarter friends. 
Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!
What? Haikus are too Zen for you?OK, how about an audio lymrick thread? 
Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!
Not sure the point of the OP's post but it makes me think it would be cool to start a thread of just Audio haikus. 
Best DIY power cable. Why not make?
I did these and was happy with the results. You can also upgrade any component you want if it makes you feel better using an "audiophile" rated component.http://diyaudioprojects.com/Power/diyMains/