worst 'long-lived' band

as opposed to the best short-lived. reunions count.
Mick & "the boys"! Yeah, the Stones had a great 20 year run, but in the early 1980's, they started to become a parody of themselves...today, they are a corporate enterprise which can not be taken seriously, especially at $200- and up for a concert seat. Mick has NOT been able to sing live for 25 years...amazing what 20 or more studio takes and subsequent editing can do for vocals.

Blondie reunions [ugh!]...not to mention the bad blood with the original band members. Debbie looks like a washed up hooker, and absolutely no voice left!

Sadly, RIP CBGB's...how many bands honed their chops there, when no one else would provide a venue?
Elton John, real early stuff ok,
Bob Dylan (voice of sand and glue and 2 octaves higher than before).
Genesis without Gabbs and Hack,
Pink Ployd without Waters,
Phil Collins (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
The Rolling and a Stones,
The Police,
Probably loads more just can't think of them at the moment.
oh yes,
David Bowie!!
I agree with Fatparrot above. The Stones were bad enough in their heyday in the 60's and early 70's--they did write some OK stuff--but later they have become almost comical. I read somewhere that after the early 70's they no longer wrote their tunes prior to recording sessions, but went into the studio to jam and see what came out of it. Unfortunately, very little did. I won't even get into their lifestyles.
The Eagles
Stones (last good record Some Girls)
Steel Wheelchairs indeed
Tom Petty keeps putting out the same record

Funny you say Blondie looks like a washed up hooker.....

In the day she was know for hooking and shooting heroine in the Village....

I too will miss CBGB's, that place was so classic and with McSorley's right around the corner a long standing stomp of mine in the mid 80's. FWIW McSorley's IS still open and last i was there, Richy still was working the door, and remembered me and my name from at least 10 years ago!!!
Jimmy Buffet.........
I positively love the Beatles, Stones, Zep, Dead, Dylan, Kinks and the Who. The Beatles imploded (having never made a bad record), Zep had tragedy ruin the band (so they also never really had a chance to hang around too long), Dylan's last 3 records have been killer great (so he still has the muse after all these years), the Kinks are really no longer active and the Who have just turned out a terrific record (and the tour is pretty darn good too).

So...this leaves us with the Dead and the Stones. I have a GREAT affection for both but both peaked in the late 60s to early 70s.

So...I'd say, seeing BOTH still tour (in the case of the Dead in one incarnation or another)that both have hung around a tad too long.
1) Springsteen

2) Santana, although the very early stuff was OK.
If there is to be one choice, the award goes to David Bowie
Ozzy without Sabbath and vice versa.
Gawdbless....you nailed it!

I am tired of bands getting by on what they did 20 years ago, those waste of time albums are squeezing out real and new talent...if an album sucks it sucks...... no matter how well you did 20 yrs agi you do not deserve a free pass.
And then there is Dylan, everytime this guy burps near a microphone it is reviewed as genous, and many fall for it.
I will add Rod Stewart, but I hear his albums are doing very well in Nursing Homes.
I'm headed to NYC this week so I looked around to see who's playing during my stay. Up pops the Jefferson Starship (Not Airplane). Unless you believe in Miracles, they have to be somewhere near the top of this list.

Yeah Chadnliz..........forgot about that one the old well worn wocker wodney 'stew'art. In my yoof he was the biz.
I am a big fan of Bob Dylan Its just the album 'Love and Theft', music is good but he sounds like he is being gripped by the throat with two hands and shaken (probably stirred also).
How can any band beat "Chicago"? Their first album was great but Chicago XXX?
My vote has to go to The Stones. Emotional Rescue is probably one of the worst songs ever recorded. Was given some tix a few years ago to a show at The Garden. Watching paint dry would have been more exciting. Keith couldn't even pull off the solo at the end of "Can't you hear me knockin" and watching Mick prance around and "sing" the way he does was quite comical.
Maybe Bob D deserves the "Most Variable Voice Award". It's been all over the place, sometimes sounding very good while at other times almost incoherent like he gargled with broken glass. Great song writer though.
Add the Beach Boys and the Go Go's to the list. One big plus has been The Bangles. The reunion CD is as good as there first album.
Chicago, huge addition, Beach Boys good too!
In the day she was know for hooking and shooting heroine in the Village....
.Hey, I've heard about Debbie's use of drugs [obvious opioid use], and her rather "unabashed" sex life. But I was unaware of her "alleged" hooking. I really hope that you are SURE of your sources, before making this accusation.

Anyway, I spent these years in the Boston area, so I never actually went to CBGB's [foolish me!]. I went to some interesting clubs [The Channel in South Boston was my favorite]. BTW, I love the B-52's "ROCK LOBSTER" CBGB's performance that was released on video!
I second Jimmy Buffet. At least most of the bands previously mentioned were, at one time, good. But Buffet? Crappy from day one and STILL crappy. I think that puts them at number one worst.
Add Aerosmith to the list. Doesn't anyone retire anymore?
go go's
Jane "reality tv" wiedlin acts like they were punk trendsetters - really

Head Over Heels was their only listenable song
The Who- nothing interesting since "Who by Numbers"
Genesis- Gabriel leaves and the band goes top 40
Stones- we're only in it for the money
Beach Boys- "Pet Sounds" was how long ago?
Chicago- coming soon "Chicago L"
David Bowie- still irrelevant
As a huge NFL fan, I pray this thread is not noticed by anyone at the leagues front office. It's beginning to sound like the list of possible half-time acts at upcoming Super Bowls games.
U2 - good early, newer stuff a big thumbs down.
What about Lynyrd Skynyrd? The guys a kings of the County fair, or packaged with other washed up acts like Ted Nugent.
good list audiofeil.....it was fun seeing the beach boys live,but when carl died, it was over.....i'll add steely dan who have been phoning it in since gaucho, which was a snoozer too. i'll also add van valen, who all need therapy.
Kiss, Gene Simmons is a egotistical jerk
Too old to rock and roll, too young to die
Ian Anderson aka Jethro Tull
"No Rock Group over fifty years of age should ever be allowed on stage..."

Grace Slick

(Sorry, I can't remember the exact quote)