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Looking for a cable maker
Jena labs 
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
Symphonic line kraft 
Favorite cable brand.
Jena labs 
Viking Acoustic L'Instrument Grande Voix First Impressions
I know this is an old thread but I just got a pair of TubeMasters. I had a pair of Berlin's before that. I was plenty happy with the Berlin's but David had a pair of TubeMasters he really wanted me to hear. I turned him down a couple of times then... 
Dave Alvin/From An Old Guitar
+1 on Eleven Eleven 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Tina and Carlo from Integrity HiFi 
Best of Germany!
Symphonic Line Kraft 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
Sorry for not proofreading. The boo doesn't belong. 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
I have one on my vpi hw40 and love it. I did have some difficulty on initial set up but that was me not the arm. Once set up it works flawless. It takes some getting used to as far as cueing the lead in groove. The first track I played was Johnny ... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Viking acoustics in Santa Fe 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Integrity hifi. They were there every step in the set up process of their tonearm. Couldn't ask for more from Tina and Carlo. 
What was your most fun and rewarding upgrade?
A new tonearm for my VPI TT. 
Tonearm options for VPI tables?
I just installed an Integrity Audio true glider on my HW 40. It absolutely kills the stock arm. I wish I could remove the VPI arm. The Integrity stands on the left side of the TT on the rack. Excellent customer service as well.. 
What other hobby...
My wife