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Adcom GFP-710 to Schiit Freya - upgrade?
Update on my preamp situation...So after all the research, I pulled a trigger on a used Rogue RP-1.It’s been in my system since yesterday. Need to do some more listening prior to concluding whether or not it’s a good fit.  
Adcom GFP-710 to Schiit Freya - upgrade?
Thanks wolf! Nice system! 
Harmonic Technology Interconnects
I’m auditioning the Harmonic Tech Recta OS silver RCA interconnects. Running it from pre to amp. Really like what I’m hearing. Nice detail, not harsh. Can’t speak to their older models.  
Adcom GFP-710 to Schiit Freya - upgrade?
Wolf what’s the rest of your gear? Speakers, source, etc. Thanks! 
Adcom GFP-710 to Schiit Freya - upgrade? was Freya an improvement over adcom and vincent?Stringreen...That’s my fear. Can you elaborate  
Adcom GFP-710 to Schiit Freya - upgrade?
Thanks to all who responded. I know the GFP-710 is not a very common preamp so I didn’t even hope someone would have it and upgraded to Freya. The Adcom is one of those pieces that you cannot really fault for doing anything wrong. I just know I ca... 
A look into classical
If you like that Mozart disc, then I can recommend you try:1. Mozart Symphony #40, or better yet pick up from the library this double-cd set "Mozart - Symphonies 35-41. Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker"2. Mozart Clarinet Concerto - Sab... 
I am sick of cables
Personally, what threw me off, is that you mentioned AZ Silver Ref MkII as one of the expensive cables. You current interconnects retail for several times more than the AZs do. And isn't DIY means Do It Yourself? How can a set of cables that you b... 
I am sick of cables
your system page lists Argento Serenity. Are those the cables you consider inexpensive? 
Which music server to buy?
I have both the Squeezebox SB3 and Mac Mini. Both running into Bel Canto DAC3. Mac Mini is a better source via a USB cable into DAC than is the SB3 via coax or optical cable into DAC3. I had a Transporter on loan and I am pretty sure Mac Mini woul... 
Narrowed speaker selection down to 5 choices
Hey Todd,Have you considered Dali MS4? Very nice speakers. You do need to carefully select associated components and cables with the Dalis but you can certainly make these speakers work for you.Dynaudio S5.4 will be very good. Although these are o... 
I am sick of cables
Argyro, so what are these "less expensive" cables you are using. If it is not a top secret. 
Sibilance in recordings: your experience the same?
Most, if not all, Pat Barber recordings are sibilant. She is sibilant even live. Don't worry about it. Never tune your entire system to a specific recording.Sibilance is nasty. The higher the resolution of your system, the worse it is when it come... 
Clarinet concertos anyone?
Marc,Who do you recommend for Aho concerto? 
This thread is a great idea! What we always talk about is amps, preamps, sources, cables, etc. But it is also great to know that some of us here play music as well. Not just babble about equipment all the time.I play clarinet. About a year ago I p...