How many phono stages have you lived with?

After a long search for the ideal phono stage which did you end up with and which were not so right. Please list those in which you have had the opportunity to know well and the one(s) that you kept.
Hi Pedrillo:

I've had plenty over the years. Started off 25 yrs ago with the built in phono in my Audio Researh SP 6b...

More recently (past 8 yrs or so) I had a BAT VKP5 which I soon traded for a VK P10, then upgraded it (at BAT) to a P10SE then a P10SE Superpak as they come out with em. Everytime marked improvement.

About a year ago, I moved to a Nagra VPS.

All of these phono stages are very good. I happen the like the Nagra the best, in my current system. I've changed other components over the years so system matching comes into play here to.

I have a friend that says the Allnic is wonderful, I might have to try that next :)
AR SP-8 CJ PV-9,10,Classe DR-6,5 Adcom gps565 NYAL Minuet and many others. I still use the Classe DR-5 and love to thing for it's sound and best of all reliabilty.
After 47 years I don't remember all of them. My Ben Duncan preamp is probably the best but it is no longer made. The Dynavector 75 is great for the price, the Blue Circle 707 I have is not broken in but already sounds very good. I use to be a Classe dealer and agree about the DR- 5.