Which power cords should I look at?

I'm using a Shunyata Alpha Anaconda  Helix to a Hydra 6 with a dream State Veridical to my PS Audio Perfectwave  transport and Audio Art Statement 1 cables to the rest of my components with a separate Dream State to a Hydra 2 with an Audio Art Statement 1 to my Pass X250.5 from the Hydra 2. The sound is nice but I read posts of where people use 3K to 6K power cables and of course that would be an improvement but what might people recommend in my system. The Audio Art Statement 1 cables are DH Labs Red Wave cables with nice Furutech connectors. In other words I'm using 1K cables or less and I'm wondering what might be a realistic upgrade to my current cabling. My signal cables are Cardas Golden Reference and I love them. My system sounds nice but curiosity has me wondering what might be a nice upgraded cables in my system?
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Audioquest should be on your list. Lots of choices, but all perform above their price compared to other manufacturers. IMHO.
Why not go all Shunyata?  That’s what I dif but I am using their mid line cables from 10 years ago and I use  two Hydra 4 conditioners and a Hydra 2.  My system is totally dead quiet and I use a tube preamp.  I think you would get more system synergy that way. 
There is an array of power cords available in the market. It can get quite perplexing to choose the one that will fit your needs.
@stereo5 , is the dead quiet in your system a function of the power cables? Is that a good test of one's power supply quality? I also have a tube pre-amp.
It is a combination of the power cords and the Hydras. Many recording studios use Shunyata and the movie scores for the Star Wars series were all done using Shunyata cords and conditioners. If it’s good enough for Luke Skywalker, it’s good enough for me!   I am using a Mac 6 tube preamp and no hiss at all, even with the volume jacked up all the way. 
I mentioned on another power cord thread that the naysayers will likely show up elsewhere. It did not take long. Enjoy ! MrD.

If you are talking about me then you got it all wrong. That was a legitimate question the answer to which I would use to help evaluate my system. If it is a loaded question then that aspect of it was completely unknown to me and it was not intended as such.
N80, yes you. The minimization of " the noise floor " was discussed on the other thread, as a huge benefit of after market power cords, as you so well know. I am letting these guys know, before hand, who they are dealing with, as you might talk about the placedo effect, and suggest they might " think " they hear improvements, but are not, because of your psychobabble bs. I will no longer respond to you on this thread either. All my best, and Enjoy ! MrD.

Wow. Not sure how to respond here. Let me give it a try because I'm still interested in the answer.

First, I  do not remember that part of the other thread you are talking about regarding the "noise floor". I may have missed it. So I'm not trying to rehash that aspect and I honestly do not know if minimization of the noise floor is the same thing one would hear when the speakers are not being driven.

Second, I did not introduce the placebo question in that thread.

Third, the question I asked in this thread was asked in good faith and I'm still interested in an answer. We may have a difference of opinion but no need to project sinister intent into innocent questions.

Fourth, there isn't any way to respond to me in that thread as I  have left it.

Fifth, you gave me advice in that thread about changing cables and I said I would consider it.

So, in good faith, if you (or anyone else) wish to answer the question I have posed I would be happy to hear it and will not respond back to it in order to prevent any suspicion of naysaying or whatever else that might offend.
N80, this will be my last and only reply to you, here on this thread. I never suggested you are the one who first brought up the placedo effect. But, you sure obsessed over it, and ran with it, so much more than the individual who did initially bring it up. After all, you are the doc. No worries, though. Enjoy ! MrD.
"...this will be my last and only reply to you, here on this thread..."

Thanks! Yours outburst was completely misplaced. 
I have a question regarding lowering the noise floor. How low should it be? In my case, I do not have any power conditioners, or high end power cords. I am using laboratory grade 14 gauge power cords for my systems which cost about $15 to $20 each. All my electrical outlets are commercial grade which were installed when my house was built. If i turn on all my electronics and set the volume to my normal listening level, I cannot hear anything with my ear up to the speakers. It is dead quiet. If I turn the volume up about 12 to 15 db above my normal listening level, I can hear a faint audible hiss from the speakers with my ear up to them.

It seems to me that the noise floor is pretty low. Is this a reasonable assumption or should it be lower? 
kalali, t'was my pleasure !  Enjoy ! MrD.
Signal to noise ratio ( SNR ), is a measurement that compares the level of the signal ( in our case of our audio systems, the music ) to the level of background noise, usually expressed in decibels. The lower the noise floor, the better ( ime ). As one gets " higher end " in this hobby, assumptions are made that noise is still present, even if hiss or hum are not audible. Information retrieval is always greater when the noise floor is lower. This measurement applies to many other areas, other than audio. I hope this helps. Enjoy ! MrD.
Ljgerens it sounds as though you have a very low noise floor. 
I’m not aware of any way that a power cord can lower noise floor, perhaps someone can offer a technical explanation of how this would work?  Or reference some measurements as that is very easy to measure. 
Power cables " can " lower the noise floor. How ? Do not know. Might or might not be audible to everyone, as indicated by analogluvr, or,  through every system, but yes, pcs can reduce noise. Enjoy ! MrD.
I have the DH Labs power plus cords, suggest the 2 meter version for possible resale reasons plus it doesn't cost much more (of course get longer if you need it).  Anyway they are great, I have all DH Labs cables, the Air Matrix are so sweet, also their Q10 speaker wire with Z plugs.
I agree with mrdecibel in that power cords can reduce the noise floor. They have in my system using Oyaide's Tunami cords. Another great way to do that is to replace the standard outlets with audio grade outlets such as SR's. The benefit from this...In addition to it being less noisy, you'll notice more space between the instruments and better definition. That has been my experience.   
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I completely agree . After replaced the factory power cord to Virtual Dynamics Revelation in my CJ Premier 140, my system was transformed to a different level.
@dangcaonguyen. The CJ Premier 140 was definitely a step up over the mono 12's in sq. If I remember correctly, the supplied cord on the CJs were 16 gauge, maximum 14, and were 8 - 10 ft. Why a few feet of ac cable at the amps input ( or at the input to anything ) makes such a difference is still a science I do not quite understand, although so many theories and explanations abound. What I do know is, I have " hotwired " bulkier, better shielded power cables for 40 plus years on gear ( before iec inlets ), and it has always improved the sq in so many ways. Happy new year, and Enjoy ! Always, MrD.
I just purchased a ZU Event (mk 1) power cord. I'm looking forward to trying it. To be honest I'm not expecting any sound upgrade. I mainly wanted a shorter cord so the back of my rack is not so cluttered. 
Abery, what piece of equipment will get this cord ? Keep in mind, Zu cables, like most, require long break in times to mature into optimum sq, 400 plus hours if I remember. Please report back your findings. Enjoy ! MrD.
Zu cables, of which I own a number of, are very good considering their cost. I doubt aberyclark will be disappointed.
And, yes, they do require some time to 'break in'.
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Do some research, a not well known co in the States, Audiomica Laboratory, got some "best buy award" in 2018 in China! 
To OP: First rule - do not associate $$'s with performance. Cables are about synergy with components - not about $$'s spent. I have found that good AC cords can have even more impact in a system than good speaker cables - but it's all about matching and personal preference - try lots of combinations, don't correlate price with performance and choose what your ears tell you is best. 

I will ditto the recommendation from rsf - I have had very good experience with Audiomica cables. Currently using their top of line Consequence AC and speaker cables for couple of years now. They are a perfect match for my system and IMO provide outstanding performance at their price point.
I would try High Fidelity Cable. They have a wide price range from entry to very  expensive. They all so have a 30 day money back return policy. Give Rick or Casey a call easy to talk to with no pressure.
I tried High Fidelity CT-2 power cords in my system and they didn't sound good. All systems are different and the only way to know is to hear them in your system. I really like Audioquest's Storm series and Audience power cords.
You should try Audiomica.  I replaced my Prana wire with Audiomica and I have been very happy with them.