Where to Purchase New Tubes for Audio Research Preamp?

Hi all,

The tubes in my SP8 mk II were purchased eight years ago from Audio Research and are getting long in the tooth. I called ARC recently to order a new set and was told that the cost would be $500. This is almost twice what I paid in 2011. Anyway, I was wondering if there are other sources for tubes you would recommend that are cheaper? I found a store on ebay called Tubemeister which sells Genalex Gold Lion gold pin 12AX7/ECC83GP preamp tubes that it claims to be matched and balanced. Do you think this would this be a good option?

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Another shout for Kevin -- he is expert in matching to ARC gear and his prices seem better than the vendor you linked to
Brent Jessee audiotubes or Tubeworld. or Vintage Tube Services; any of those have the best selection and none of them except Brent Jessee sell any of the junk made in Russia or China
I'd call Upscale Audio also. I have successfully used VivaTubes, an Ebay vendor from Massachusetts.
Andy at Vintage tube for non Russian, RAM Tubes for the others...

both of them have the best test gear on the planet and know how to run it.....
Stupid question. I have an AR LS-16. I'm sure it has the original tubes in it. What will I hear that suggests there is a problem with them? They look fine as do all the caps.
n80 I’ve had great luck with Cryoset. Original LS16 I believe are 6922 where the MK II went to 6H30. If you’re tubes are original you probably are ready. Unless you’re looking for the best NOS just spend the money and get a new set as they’re not too spendy. Cryo EH 6922 gold pin matched pairs. I think you need two sets. Let them know and they will do a quad match set for you as well.

On a preamp you can get a lot more hours out of your tubes compared to a power amp. You can probably push it out to 4,000 hours but if you don’t have a tester I don’t think I’d chance it.



I heard that Ron Sheldon (Cryoset) passed away and that the business closed.

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