What is your dream turntable?

If you could only have one, what would that dream be?
Mine would be a Thorens TD 124. I am a nostalgic, sentimental, retro guy.

I would want to have a TD 124 package like this ...
My Dream TT
A Source table with the deluxe power supply with either a Grado signature tonearm, or an SME 5 arm. I have this now.
I already own mine, a Bang & Olufsen BG9000 tangential tracking turntable. And I'm blessed with one each of their best cartridges, the MMC1 and MMC2. What I like most about this 'table is that it is SO easy to setup and use; simply snap in the cartridge, set the tracking force and hit the Play button. This means that even my wife can play records without having to fuss and fiddle with things.

And, because the cartridge and tonearm are perfectly matched, it can track *any* record, no matter how warped. In addition, it is virtually impossuble to scratch a record, the B&O's have the lowest effective tip mass of any cartridge/tonearm combo.

Did I also mention that it sounds pretty darn good, too? [smile]

The SME top model wih some fine cartridge, for instance Dynavector DRT XV 1-A.
Do not have a dream turntable but very happy with the Super Scoutmaster with rim drive and Trans Fi Terminator arm maybe there are more beautiful set up like the Oracle or Raven but in sonic terms just love the way music explodes from the system Very Very happy
You will all think I am nuts, but all I want is a Linn LP12 with a Naim Aro arm and armageddon power supply, and a Lyra Titan on the end of it. I love this combo to death. It just suits my taste.

I have the LP 12 with a lingo, and a Rega arm, and Lyra Dorian. Close, but no guitar.
The Walker Audio Proscenium for us. We still haven't heard anything that would lead us in a different direction.
I have dreamed of the walker but have a huge bug for a Brinkman. Heard it at the HT show in NYC a few yers ago and I still can hear Moon River (Jacintha) like she's right here.
If I ever sell the LP12 I think, budget permitting, I would love to have the Gran Prix Monaco with a Lyra Titan i
cartridge. But a distant dream at best.
I have a modest LP12 - I'd love a tricked-out one! It's the one I've been coveting since I was a teenager : )
OMA Saskia with Schick tonearm and Zu Denon DL 103R. The closest I am likely to get to this dream would involve putting a slate plinth under my current SP-10 MK II.
My dream table would always be the most expensive there is. I would than sell it and have a ball buying budjet tables and vintage while spinning.
Nottingham Dais with ana-ace arm...Lyra Helikon and a second ace arm with a Helikon Mono cart
Simon Yorke S10 with S7.1 arm and Jan Allaerts MC1 MkII cart on Christian Isenberg proprietary stand
My Teres is my dream table. Anything else would be for bragging rights, and little else (IMHO).
To show how times have changed a friend of mine in Chicago in the mid 60s had one of these in very good condition with a 12" SME arm and wanted to sell it to me for $150. But I already had a table and was a graduate student so I didn't get it.
Spotheim La Luce. There's one up for sale here now. Dang.

To much Turkey?

One of These........?

Maybe I am missing it but I didn't eat any Turkey so maybe I need to go eat some to figure out the TT you are speaking of. =8^)
Have the SME10 with SME V arm and would love to have the SME30
I love them all. I have over a dozen 'tables but not one was megabucks. Sota Star Saphire III in rosewood, Sota Cosmos (original)in white Fountainhead, two Oracle Delphis (Mark one or two,who can tell the difference)? Luxman PD-300 belt drive vacuum table,Thorens TD-125, Fons CQ-30,Yamaha PX-3,LUXMAN PD-121,ERA 444 (French),Technics SL-1200 mk II,SL-1500, A Connisieur and various Duals and B+Os in various states of disrepair and despair.An original day one two motor AR. Sources include Audiogon here,Craigslist, and occasionally Ebay.

Tables that I have had and wish I still did:

Transcriptors Skeletal with Vestigal arm (I still have the arm, the worst part).

Michell Hydraulic Reference- my friend Bob still has this.

Micro Seiki RX- 1500 VG- vacuum but not air bearing,my friend Greg still has this.

Four different Linn LP 12s ranging from the base no better than an AR to the Valhalla/Cirkus/Ittok. Believe it or not I currently don't own one of these.

A working Bang and Olufsen 4004. I have one,but it is not working.

Tables that I would love to add to my collection :

Nottingham Spacedeck
Nakamichi Dragon CT
EMT broadcast table
Gale 401
Yet another LP-12.Not a crazy one,just a Valhalla. I don't hear much difference from one to the next (sorry,Ivor).
I watch craigslist every day for these!
(Don't laugh, I bought one of the Oracles and the Fons off the local Craigslist!)

Fun also to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. The PD-300 was shipped to me upside down! Finally found the PD-121 on Ebay for the dustcover (close enough) and it had a Stax UA-7 arm!You also get little included goodies like upgraded mats,Tiptoes,spare cartridges,record cleaners,extra belts,and parts from other tables/arms that don't even belong in there!This is a great hobby,I have been doing it for almost 40 years. Glad to see the rest of the world is coming back to my way of thinking (vinyl).
My Thorens TD 124 MKII restored by Schopper Switzerland with an OMA slate plinth with Schroeder Reference 12" tonearm / Jan Allaerts Formula One cartridge.
Sota Cosmos with a Graham Phantom OR I think doing up an old TD-124 would be very cool too. Now lets see... where did I put that winning Power Ball ticket?
A TW Acustic Raven One with a Scroeder 2 arm would be very nice-maybe Santa Claustein would drop one off by me.--Mrmitch
Ahh, yes, sorry that should have been "Schroeder"--Mmrmitch
I'd have to say it's the one I have. A Raven AC with Phantom/Dyna XV1s and Ortofon AS309s/Jubilee. I love it.
Of course, the Spotheim Centoventi. No words to describe this amazing materpiece.
Brinkman Balance w/10.5 arm Brinkman EMT cartridge or...
Kuzma Reference w/Triplanar & Miyabi cartridge
Spiral Groove with Graham or Triplanar arm, or Shindo Garrard 301...I think these are the best looking tables I've seen, and I'm pretty sure their sound quality would beat my current set up...
I have it
Oracle Delphi Mk VI, a work of art in every way.
TW Acustic Raven AC with Graham Phantom II arm & Grandeza 12Inch arm
Micro Seiki SZ-1

I'm with Genesis168.
Teres 340 is more than I dreamed of. I lusted over a 265 from the day I saw it and set my goal there. I never imagined I'd have such a nice TT. I'm very thankful for such blessings