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Audio Desk Systeme RCM - what's been your experience?
What is the "extra" maintenance that you've done?To answer your question - both.In brief, my thoughts are: 1) it stands to reason that a machine with electronic/software-driven sequences and so many moving parts will require maintenance over time,... 
Audio Desk Systeme RCM - what's been your experience?
whart - by no means am I discounting the DIY approach (and thanks to those who have shared their ideas)......but my original question was specific to the ADS RCM because I haven't yet decided if I should take advantage of the distributor's exchang... 
Audio Desk Systeme RCM - what's been your experience?
...but we digress...Any other ADS RCM anecdotes on reliability from current or former owners?Thanks! 
Which cartridge should I upgrade to now?
I second Dynavector.  A much better match for Rega arms.  If you can stretch a little to the 20x2, you'd have your choice between low output and high output MC versions.For consideration: I've seen many RB300 and RB600 arms come and go here on A'g... 
Any modern band that comes close to Mahavishnu Orchestra ?
Lots of great recommendations here!  While not same-for-same as Mahavishnu but generally jazz-fusion, look into Snarky Puppy!If you are attracted to the musical fusion of different styles and cultures and stellar musicianship, please find them on ... 
speaker cables for surrounds
Often recommended here - Blue Jeans Cable. Custom length and terminations available. 
Phono preamp under 1k new or used advice?
(Disclaimer...I have a current listing selling this exact unit)Please consider the Acoustech PH-1P. It is a former Stereoplile class "A" unit that had been reviewed favorably by many sources. When last sold by Acoustic Sounds, it was priced at $15... 
Smallish floorstander that sounds good placed just
The Arros are a good choice - they also can be "tuned" to an extent by varying the amount of mass loading (zero to 20 pounds per cabinet). 
Is there an average life span for a preamp?
I have a Naim pre-amp in my system from 1985 - it rocks! An older pre may require some maintenance or service to perform optimally, but usually not a big deal. 
How much uncompressed music in Ipod classic?
167GB??? Is that correct (I really am curious!)? I thought the Classic is a 160GB disc. After your system files, you probably have a little less to store music.If you use a "lossless" file format (like Apple Lossless), .3 to .4 GB/CD is a conserva... 
Used full-range speakers less than $1,500
As is often recommended in this forum, I have to go with the PSB Stratus Goldi which can be easily had for They are a 4 ohm load and require "healthy" power and current to get them on song - nothing ridiculous, but definitely over 100 wpc. An amp ... 
Need a DAC recommendation
The PS Audio DL III is showing up ...add the V-Link and you've got a pretty potent and flexible DAC for  
Female Jazz person/new releases...
Rachelle Ferrell! 
Budget system around 1K
1) Rega Brio 3 is a fine option and has a decent MM phono input - there's one that just got posted for $425!2) Energy RC-10 speakers (new at $300 - just posted). Find the SoundStage review!...leaves $250-ish for cables and possibly an HRT iStreame... 
Speaker help - short list needed
PSB Stratus Goldi - easily one of the best bang-for-the-buck values on the used market! ...can be had for $700 to $800ish with one of the "premium" finishes.You'll need an amp with some oomph to drive the 4 ohm load.A very good all-a-rounder!