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Basic audio info book?
Robert Harley's books, too... 
Speakers with wide listening window
Totem speakers are designed with very wide dispersion characteristics in both horizontal and vertical axes.One of the larger models may do a good job in your [large!] room. 
Chicks With Guitars
Kaki King for sure...Susan Tedeshi, too...add Orianthi!!! 
Help me build a fine PC sound system
At work, I use a Toshiba Laptop w/ iTunes > USB > PS Audio DL III > Audioengine A5s and am very happy....add a preamp and powered subwoofer if needed.Good luck! 
Personal Tuner Evolution
Kenwood KT-815Sansui TU-717Yamaha CR-840 (receiver)Denon TU-767Sony XDRF1HDFavorite - Sansui! Sounds spectacular and green-ish dial goes great with green lights on Naim gear : ) 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
Going back to the original question...and budget.The PSB Stratus Gold speakers need some juice to sound their best. They are a nominal 4 ohm load with dips below 3 ohms - while many of the integrateds here are, in fact, fine machines, they are not... 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
I am actually in the exact same position as the OP (PSB Goldi) - would the collective community here consider MF A308 or A5 to be decent candidates?If not, why? 
Great and well-recorded jazz on CD
Sonny Rollins - Way Out WestCharles Mingus - Mingus Ah many from which to choose : ) 
Porcupine Tree - In AbsentiaDire Straits - On Every StreetChicago - Chicago XTower of Power - Soul VaccinationRoger Waters - Amused To Death 
Best of luck to Brian Kyle of Xtreme Cables
I don't know you, Brian, but all the best, my friend! 
Energy RC-10's and tube amps
Agree w/ the above RC10s were much better driven with a Naim Nait5 (SS) than with a Cayin A50T (tube) integrated - just better all around. 
Headphone Tutorial
The website for The Absolute Sound (AV Guide dot com) has a downloadable guide to headphones...a decent starting point. 
ortofon 2m black cartridge
Ortofon USA was helpful when I needed a new top plate for my 2M Black. 
Which Integrated for Magnepan MG-12?
Musical Fidelity? ...A5, A5.5, A308. 
Naim NAC 112X & Bryston 4b NRB
The Naim pre needs a separate power supply (e.g., a Flatcap or a HiCap). To connect the Bryston to the Naim you'll need a DIN4 to RCA connection.Will it work, yes. Optimal...who's to say?